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Delay in weapon firing

Created 16th February 2012 @ 21:58

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Quoted from Sideshow

Somebody explain lerp/interp/orange numbers please?

orange-good, yellow (usually blinking) – shit server



its all cuz tickrate 66 nao


Quoted from Dr-GimpfeN

its all cuz tickrate 66 nao

tf2 has never used anything else, what u on about


Full Tilt

Quoted from AnimaL

[…]orange-good, yellow (usually blinking) – shit server

;)))) gray/white whatevs is suppose to be good for hitscan :)))
you also know that the server is shit if you see your gray/white lerp blinking yellow like some multiplay servers :(


Willl have to try full screen again, as i was getting this alot the other day as demo.
and sometimes as soli.

Got used to crouch jump bug and need something else to whine about you brummy scumbag

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