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Created 5th March 2017 @ 19:26

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After the previous tools I released such as “The Crosshair Switcher”, “PldX Recording Tool” and “Source Recording Tool” I decided to make the last iteration of my recording tool public.

This program allows you to use the Source Recorder with the ease of Fraps. You press F9 to start/stop recording and it’ll produce frameblended, ready-to-use AVI files using a vfw codec (such as Lagarith or MagicYUV). It skips the VirtualDub step essentially. Not only is this more performant, it also saves you a lot of time. Please read the documentation so you won’t run into surprises, there’s also an FAQ at the bottom. You can use this tool with HLAE/Lawena together if you prefer.

Have fun and happy recording! Kappa


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i commented something stupid before looking into it, looks good

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