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Insanity - TF2 Community Movie

Created 13th August 2011 @ 19:48

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YT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eV-SKDagQ8
Download mirror: http://fakkelbrigade.eu/luke/Insanity_60p.mp4 (60fps)

Another movie using the Greenscreen HUD and with frags submitted through eXtv. Thanks for watching! ;)
Submission form: http://www.extelevision.com/clip-submission-form

Music: Zircon – “Boom and Bounce” and “2200 AD”

HUD: http://www.thelozone.com/more/tf2-greenscreen-map-hud


best work you’ve done so far. Really enjoyed it :)



You must have the worst collection of fonts, I almost expect to see comic sans in it.



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Generic as usual.


Quoted from qp0jr

best work you’ve done so far. Really enjoyed it :)

Thanks :)

@ the rest…. constructive criticism or don’t comment please? And what the hell is wrong with the font, which one even? The title or credits?

Thanks in advance.



Both fonts are something I’d use in a power point presentation…ten years ago.

Incredibly generic and boring, you do the same stuff with every movie, barely any creativity and you over use gimmicks, examples:

-Copying the broder broken tape in the exfane movie.
-This green screen hud has been used in 2-3 others, we get it, it’s new, but you’ve already over used it.
-Using what seems like the same fonts in every movie, they are all crap.

And why was it even called insanity?

And why does this even warrant its own post?

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i c haterz


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-This green screen hud has been used in 2-3 others, we get it, it’s new, but you’ve already over used it.

Link me the others please. Never seen it before, this is the second time I’m using it.

And btw I think consistency in editing is good, I mean look at the big YT’ers for example. (Best example is look at RWJ) The editing in their videos is always very much alike.
I know already you’re gonna say that I’m just not creative, but please try to make a bunch of frag videos yourself before you say things like that.

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i c haterz

WAR hates everything :D
umm about the movie, it seemed alright, but I didn’t like it also have to agree with WAR, no point of calling it insanity if there is nothing insane there tbh (well that kritz spree was good and cool )

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Pardon me for being terrible at names then.



I don’t have to make a frag video to have an opinion, or know about creativity, that’s a retarded argument, I don’t mind basic things in frag movies, it’s best for TF2, but when you rip off an idea from someone else, like the broder movie, it shows a complete lack of creativity, even as you did a really bad rip off.

And you’re comparing yourself to a YouTube vlogger that gets millions of views just reviewing funny videos, it’s a long running show, your frag movies are not a long running show, well they feel like it, they are pretty much all the same so maybe have all your videos under the same name and create one thread for them all.



The thing is, Luke, you’re constantly churning out fragmovies over and over again like clockwork, and they never seem to achieve anything new or get any better. I can respect the time and effort you put into all of them, but you never make anything resounding or memorable. The best thing you’ve made is probably Axefane, and even that had some faults like the silly intro and the whole film-reel-breaking-and-the-engineer-hits-it-with-a-hammer that you took from the Broder fragmovie.


Thing is he does this for others.
I’m pretty sure they’re happy with it.


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wasn’t a massive fan of the music, but everything else was pretty good :D

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