Dear badwater enthusiasts,

I have been working on pl_prowater, an upgraded version of pl_badwater with minimal changes and various bug fixes.

Current version: pl_prowater_b5


-added BLU forward spawn in the bunker once B has been capped
-added clip to be able to jump on the four wooden beams above C point
-added staircase to link top and bottom RED spawn
-fixed being able to shoot from B to last
-fixed occluders on last
-fixed various clips, textures and props in the map
-fixed wrap assassin on last
-improved clipping in the map
-made maproom connector wider and edited clip to be able to jump on the shelf from the ground
-unclipped the small roof next to tracks on last


-added an additional exit to each BLU forward spawn
-improved clipping in maproom
-removed windows above double doors


-improved staircase in RED spawn


-edited gates to be able to freely go from A point to B roof
-made boiler gate wider
-made cart unable to roll backwards once the slope on last has been passed

Bug reports and feedback are welcome as to improve the final version.

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