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I worked on this map a while ago and have always been looking for a place where I can playtest it competitively. This forum post is my form of ‘throwing in the towel’ since there are essentially no publicly-available avenues to have maps tested in a 6v6 or Highlander environment. I have tested this map on non-competitive servers with similar player counts and classes to the competitive formats, and believe it is at a state where I can ask for the comp community to have a look at it themselves.

cp_hybrid’s gamemode is an odd version of 3CP. For a team to progress, they must own both the Courtyard and the Warehouse in order to unlock the ability to attack the enemy’s Intelligence Control Point (B or R, depending on the defending team). The Warehouse awards its owner with faster respawn time and access to the Sewers, a one-way passage directly into the enemy’s Intelligence Control Point. As usual, the game is won when a team owns all four control points.

I’m pretty sure map download links don’t count as referral links, but if they do, may mercy fall upon me:




– How big is the difference in respawn times for the team that capped the Warehouse?
– So from what I understand, it’s not the point near Sewers that’s unlocked once you cap the Warehouse but rather a one way shutter door?

I took a quick look around and it gives me cp_standin_final vibes with indoor cp_steel aesthetics. I’m not sure how the spawn being rather far away from the ‘last point’ in Sewers would play out in combination with faster spawns for the attacking team however. And I don’t really see why a team would not try to secure the Warehouse over the actual mid point at the start of the round if that means they will get the faster spawns.


Both teams start with a respawn wave time of 8 seconds. If a team owns the Warehouse, their respawn wave time is decreased to 6 seconds, and this change is reversed if they lose the control point.



Mid point feels fun. Its a decent mid for a 6s map and its kindoff bad for HL 1. to many boxes being the reason for that 2nd 1. map in general feels more like HL map cause its so big.

B & R point themselves look kindoff good. Tunnels leading up to them though are trash. They are way to long and tight. The area from spawn is just a mess because of it. you could just hold that choke with 2 guys and there team couldnt do shit. The connectors that go to mid are a bit to long. probably enlarge the lobby areas for both the B and R point. Also move back the buildings from the mid point a bit so you get into lobby quicker from mid. Basically just make the mid wider or move the entire B & R side of the map bit closer to mid.
The stairs leading down from mid right now though are unplayable in comp because they are long tunnels.

Rocket point seems fine by itself. maybe make the 2 buildings some form of palasades though. A soldier should probably be allowed to bomb there and you dont want engies building sentries on those roofs. The walk from mid to Rocket is kindoff long. I havent tested the cap times so if you are able to rotate from mid to the rocket point before its capped than its fine. Just make sure that if you decide to rotate within 2 seconds of them starting the rocket cap. you are still able to try and block the cap from mid.

Spawnpoints themselfs are kindoff weird. It would be better that when you spawn you are able to see all the exits no matter what the spawn spot is. Pointing someone to 1 exit is stupid. area right outside of spawn could be cleaned up a bit. Especially on the R & B point side. Its not intuitive to walk backwards to take the connector that leads to the garage. probably just make the entrance to the garage facing inwards towards the mid connector right where the fence is at the spawn area. Cutting that off and moving some shit there will also make it easier to fix the tunnel problem. Its just an annoying connector to use cause it feels like it takes way to long and its way to narrow half the way to the point.

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