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Currently: B8
If you want to follow development of this map, you should really be watching the thread:

I’ll be posting updates here still, but not with the same depth and care you’ll find on the main thread. I suggest you take feedback and discussion there, since that’s where I’ll be watching.

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Spawns have recieved a texture overhaul to make them look more like koth king, which will ultimately be the desired style of the map.

A window from bridge to balc has been made, allowing the combo to see flanks better – a theme of this update.

A doorway has been added to the left side flank letting teams rotate from main to balc a lot quicker, as well as letting cornered teams escape faster if they get pushed into from mid.

There is a lot less ammo around, in an effort to prevent spam. If you need ammo, you have two choices – Walk backwards, or kill people. Either way is better than standing on a pack and spamming.

A lot of walls in the map have been replaced by fences, allowing players to see things, with their eyes. Eyes are, generally, an extremely useful tool and I feel that buffing them will make getting flanked less frustrating. It would be expensive to ship glasses to everyone that plays the map, so instead I’m just adding these cool fences.

The flank route at mid has regained the pathway to the point that it lost a long time ago. It’s still a flank route, of course, but now if someone is walking through to get behind you, you can (you guessed it) see them coming.

As you can imagine, people enjoyed the combat but didn’t really enjoy getting spammed out or getting randomly killed by people that were behind them. This was by no fault of their own – they couldn’t see the flank, because there were severe visibility issues. These, hopefully, have all been fixed.

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