Is it legal to play here without a mic?

Created 11th May 2019 @ 04:50

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Just asking, can I play here with a team without using my mic or is it mandatory for each team member to be using his?


(League Admin)

There’s no rule making mic mandatory but you’ll probably have a hard time finding a team willing to pick you up. Good luck nonetheless.


want it?

Budget mics really aren’t too expensive and people will rather play with someone who owns a dirt cheap low quality mic than someone who does not talk at all


JWB :)

If you don’t have a microphone you might as well not play competitive TF2 as communication is TF2 COMP 101



Just go to discord and use your phone as your mic. thats what i do.


I see, thanks anyway.
I understand how comms are so important but I think it’s wouldn’t hurt to try, afterall it will be just an experiment.



in all honesty owning a microphone and making calls is part of teamwork, which is fundamental in tf2 comp. however, depending on the class you want to play you could get away with saying very little; the important part is usually listening for calls.

like others say, you can pick up a really cheap wired desc mic for basically pennies and it’ll do the trick. i legit used a webcam mic and it was fine



i played on a team once with a guy who only commed through text, it sucked. would not do it again. if you find players willing to let you, cool, but it will make the team worse than if u had a mic



No it is illegal and you will be apprehended by the cyber police

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