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Created 20th April 2018 @ 16:33

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Why doesn’t ETF2L show the number of players per country or stuff like that? It used to show the number of teams per country a long time ago, i think it would be interesting data to look at


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Although roundabout you can use the search function by searching for % and then using the country filter.



It would be nice to see the active Belgian players minus all of the engie mains.



Made this in roughly five minutes by turning the HTML from the dropdown list into a CSV file with Notepad. If you want to make your own data visualization for whatever reason, just copy the stuff from the pastebin, save it as .csv and see what tool suits your needs if you want to visualize it differently.

There’s no way to check for player activity as far as I know, at least none that is publicly available. I tried to take a look at the ETF2L API but unless I missed it there’s no (documented) API call to return this data

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Most people don’t use their actual nationalities as their flag anyway and just meme.

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