High Team in open??

Created 23rd June 2016 @ 15:56

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Quoted from Wonszu


You didnt make any drama about me and my polish friends playing in mid? Weird Kappa :^)


Open is hard i’ve heard

Yes, it is legal, but that doesn’t mean that it’s right.

3.6 The amount of players with higher experience is limited

A team’s active line-up may only consist of a limited amount of higher skilled players that joined after the Provisional Tiers were published. A point system is used to determine this restriction. A player will be given a “point” for each tier of experience higher than the division of the team he joins. For example, a high player joining an open team will count as 2 points. A player counts as “experienced” in the tier if, during the last three seasons, they played 3 or more officials in that tier. For example, for Season 10 experience, we will look at matches from Season 7 onwards.

Each team has a 2 point limit (3 for Highlander). If you reach the point limit you will be punished. Please contact the admins on IRC if you need your case to be reviewed. Admin discretion will be used when dealing with specific cases.

Why don’t you guys just apply this rule or something like it to applications for tiers instead of only after the provisional tiers have been published? I’m completely fine with an Open team having a few higher experienced players, but when we see a majority stack of High players it’s pretty reasonable to assume that their intentions are not good (easier wins for less effort).

After all, what’s the point in even having tiers in the first place if anyone can just go wherever they want for the most part? May aswell just have have 1 tier for everyone at that point.

If teams want to move up a tier, they should be able to provide evidence that they are capable of playing in that tier (which, according to season announcements, they are); if there is evidence provided that a team is far more than capable of playing in the tier they applied for, why not move them up?

Also, in case anyone tries to take a jab at me for playing in a “sandbag” team in S23, I argued that we should have applied for Mid from the beginning, but my team disagreed (turns out I was right because we contested Mid teams in scrims all the time).

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