Whitelist inconsistencies

Created 1st November 2015 @ 20:24

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The server configs page says this about the whitelists:

maintained by

It also provides links to these whitelists which seem to follow the rules for a season perfectly, in terms of reskins, unlocks, w/e.

There’s also a zip file with all configs and whitelists, but the whitelists in this zip aren’t the ones and don’t seem to be as good.

Can we please get the correct whitelists in the ZIP?



Also providing the tftrue_whitelist_id convars in newsposts and default match comments to download etf2l whitelists works with preset names such as:
etf2l_6v6 (downloads & redirects to most recent 6s whitelist)
etf2l_9v9/etf2l_hl (downloads & redirects to most recent HL whitelist)
etf2l_whitelist_6v6 / etf2l_whitelist_9v9 (should update the whitelists on the servers used in etf2l configs)

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