CC Vinland what a disgrace

Created 21st May 2013 @ 21:42

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What a fucking embarassment. Get Vinland out of prem.


Really disappointing.

A shame that you can be so bitter/frustrated over something so petty like a field of view addon that ISN’T REQUIRED TO BE USED BY RULES, and is merely a gentlemans agreement.

By a captain no less, also. Poor form for players on both teams & viewers alike.

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Repasting from

“Yuki casting it at 5am and something like this happens…

Honestly there should be a really harsh punishment from ETF2L after something like this happens.

2 Casting orgs were casting this, announcements were made on ETF2L, reddit,, etc….

Horrible and despicable from the ones involved, terrible publicity for the the scene. Hope to see some repercussions after this.”

Also think the attitude from cc wasn’t the best one, honestly it wasn’t darns fault only



Someone on stream summed it up quite nicely, Prem is a privilege not a right.



what happened


9 ☆

I hope vinland are punished



darn the IdrA of TF2

I also predict that there will be no punishment for such a move cause there isnt a “RULE” for it on ETF2L, and the admin staff are pussies in that regard :)

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thanks for the people casting it
thanks to rake delzic salmon jose and suqper to sit it through was honestly a great move and showed class!


Quoted from Kortz

Someone on stream summed it up quite nicely, Prem is a privilege not a right.

Why, thank you. To expand a little: I think that the players involved should consider the position they have in the community, in addition to the huge investment of time and expectation on the part of the spectators, vanillatv and tftv, before quitting over such a trivial issue.



is someone going to say what happened?


Quoted from vani

is someone going to say what happened?

TL;Dr Darn wanted a higher FOV setting on the server and decided not to play anymore after 4 rounds


rockit like

Dont blame the team. I did say them to get a merc or something. I have no intrest to play without the fov anymore, you can talk all you want about being professional and what not in this very professional game. For me, to be able to play proper and have _fun_ with the game I need the higher fov. This season, these points mean very little to me if I have to grind thru the games. Saying that if the rest of the teams dont want me to use the fov im done.

Sorry for all the people who tuned in to see a game.


Darn was practically refusing to play because TFTrue wasn’t on the server/not allowed by crack clan, so he left mid game (and wasn’t trying in the first place).



CC didnt allow higher FoV, darn becomes a bitch and RQs and CC gets default like 5 minutes into the game.


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darn ragequitted the game after cc was 4:0 up after endless flaming and raging over the fov plugin -> default for cc

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