Selling my wares at i61

Created 1st July 2017 @ 18:44

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Back with the hustle selling shit at lan again, all proceeds go to getting me wasted. pls support.

pok3r 3 Red switched US iso. White back light keys

Zowie FK1 White 2015 Model – Had good use, nothing wrong with it, comes with new pads £20
Logitech G Pro – Brand new used twice. £30
Logitech g403 – Used literally once – £30

Mouse Mats
2X Steal Series QcK+ – a lot of use but none of the adhesive coming off £15 (Will come washed)

Kingston Hyper X HX-MPFP XL mouse mat, never used thick like a QcK Heavy and its massive. £10

Other Shit

Asus H81ME Mother Board with i5 4440 and 8Gb RAM – £50 (fucking bargain right there.)
Hyper X clouds – Untested pretty sure cables a bit dodgy £10
DT 770 Pro 80ohm New unused £70
Blue Snow Ball Mic £40

If your speech kill is high enough traveller you may get my ware cheaper

edit: May also sell my rig at the end..

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Are they vanilla SteelSeries mousepads or are there any fancy designs on them?

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They’re vanilla, but might get some normal qck hyperbeast and limitless coming my way,
I’ll update if they do.



might take the snowball microphone, hmm



I’ll probably pick-up the “Kingston Hyper X HX-MPFP XL mouse mat”
Maybe the zowie mouse. Depends if mine starts wearing down any more.



fuck these threads always make me want to buy something i really dont need


how much for the keyboard?

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