Highlander Season 15 Prem Stats

Created 10th April 2018 @ 16:59

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Spreadsheet: Season 15 Stats


Week 1
:elephant: vs opeen_squad #borninthewrongdiv pl_badwater
Budget Toucans vs Lucrosa pl_badwater
Feila eSports vs WASP pl_badwater

Week 2
:elephant: vs Feila eSports koth_coalplant | koth_product
Budget Toucans vs WASP koth_coalplant | koth_product
Lucrosa vs opeen_squad koth_coalplant | koth_product

Week 3
:elephant: vs WASP cp_steel
Budget Toucans vs opeen_squad cp_steel
Feila eSports vs Lucrosa cp_steel

Week 4
:elephant: vs Lucrosa cp_gullywash | koth_warmtic
Budget Toucans vs Feila eSports cp_gullywash | koth_warmtic
opeen_squad vs WASP cp_gullywash | koth_warmtic

Week 5
:elephant: vs Budget Toucans pl_upward
Feila eSports vs opeen_squad pl_upward
Lucrosa vs WASP pl_upward

Feila eSports vs Lucrosa koth_product | koth_coalplant

Feila eSports vs :elephant: pl_upward | koth_warmtic

If you’ll find any mistakes or have suggestions feel free to add me on steam.

Used CeeJaey’s prem stats as template.

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Where’s high stats for this season!



Wouldn’t it be easier to just use this from now on?

Mr British


Quoted from Adje

Wouldn’t it be easier to just use this from now on?

The site doesn’t keep me signed in for some reason :(

good shit


Added all Week 4 games.
Also got my hands on no pause script CJ used to use, so all times in spreadsheet should be pause free.


Added all Week 5 games and fixed the highlighting to only count players that played 2 or more games.
Will fill overall stats and add overall team stats page tomorrow.

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