Highlander Season 14 Prem Stats

Created 4th December 2017 @ 15:49

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(The MvM Guy)

Another season, another stats spreadsheet! Thanks to Flow, again, for digging up his nopause script. If there’s any issues, please let me know.


Season 14

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Week 1
Feila eSports vs SD KANNONEN! pl_upward
inVision vs Strong Opinions pl_upward
Lucrosa vs Tourettes Chessclub pl_upward

Week 2
Feila eSports vs Lucrosa cp_gullywash | koth_product
inVision vs Tourettes Chessclub cp_gullywash | koth_product
Strong Opinions vs SD KANNONEN! cp_gullywash | koth_product

Week 3
Feila eSports vs Tourettes Chessclub cp_steel
inVision vs SD KANNONEN! cp_steel
Lucrosa vs Strong Opinions cp_steel

Week 4
Feila eSports vs Strong Opinions cp_process | koth_coalplant
inVision vs Lucrosa cp_process GC | koth_coalplant
SD KANNONEN! vs Tourettes Chessclub cp_process | koth_coalplant

Week 5
Feila eSports vs inVision pl_badwater
Lucrosa vs SD KANNONEN! pl_badwater
Strong Opinions vs Tourettes Chessclub pl_badwater

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fINALLY :)) <3

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väry najs

nice work :)


(The MvM Guy)

Added all the logs from the regular season to the spreadsheet. I’ll add the logs for playoffs games to the OP, but as always, they won’t be added to the spreadsheet.

Also finished the tab with the overall leaders of each category. If you spot any mistakes, just let me know.


is dtf

väry najs


(Certified Puntomime)

I can see the reason why I would not be included to deliberately deny me all my juicy awards and stat wins this important season, but does it really have to be GREY ?!
Shoutout to the other spies for being equally as trash out of integrity, but you don’t have to

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It’d be nice if one of these sorts of things was done for Prem 6’s at some point.

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