i61 is fast approaching, and while all of the hopeful players are looking to impress the TF2 world and win money at LAN, we all know where the real glory is to be found: Fantasy TF2!

You can now go to http://fantasytf2.com and create your fantasy team with with the limited money available to you and gain fantasy points according to how well your chosen players perform. Do you have the brains and TF2 insight to come out on top? Make a team and find out!

You will start with 115,000 money and you will only have 10 transfers for the entire event, so pick your team with care! You will receive 10,000 extra the final day of competition to allow you to buy some better players. If you still have any trades remaining, that is.

Go to http://fantasytf2.com/ and sign up, and may fortune smile upon you and bring you many, many fantasy points!