Cup Catch-up: Experimental Highlander Cup #8

Created 20th February 2017 @ 18:37

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Made a summary of ETF2L’s eighth Experimental Highlander Cup.
It includes all divisions, from Open to Premiership.

More information on the Cup can be found here:

Criticism welcomed, looking to improve quality of future articles, please contact me via Steam.

Exquisite piece of writing!



Good article and I enjoyed the read but I do question how coming 1st undefeated is “under performing” for Strong Opinions?

You win the game, it does not matter how close it is, not as if Strong Opinions have not won close games before.



Not saying anything about me in mid smh,btw alba_GOD


not a single reference to lucrosa discount smh

I can agree with you to some extent Hildreth, and while S-O did in fact win, they were tied 1-1 with 2 minutes down in the third round against SDCK before the “my condolences” incident.

My argument for saying they underperformed is mostly based on how the games were played out. Playing it incredibly close to SDCK and tying against BT did not bear resemblance to how I expected them to perform.

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