TF2 and the lags

Created 4th January 2017 @ 21:39

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this game has had lags for over 4 years on my computer. I tried maxfps cfgs, upgrading specs, putting TF2 on the SSD, but it seems this game can’t be played with fps > 40 even in 6v6s…

Just to be sure: Is it even possible that TF2 runs stable 120 fps with following specs?
Phenom II X6 1100t
RX 480
Win 7

I’ve tried almost everything. With or without cfgs, high or low settings, different servers… It seems like my computer has been cursed for 4 years.



Your GPU and amount of RAM are well, and it seems like your CPU is good enough (although I’m not super familiar with AMD, but a hexacore at 3.7GHz seems OK).

How much are you getting on average (or on the )



tf2 is cpu intensive, your cpu is from 2010 which is really old, combining that with the RX480 which is one of the newest videocards you’re gonna create a lot of bottlenecking, I suggest upgrading your cpu, if you don’t have the money for that, try running tf2 in high settings, I personally seem to get more and consistent fps when I run my game on high settings


2639 frames 30.211 seconds 87.35 fps (11.45 ms/f) 4.885 fps variability

I guess this seems rather fine.

But while playing it still struggels sometimes. It not just in big fights but rather random. Maybe my mouse driver isn’t working right?


ORA ⚡️

define laggs
do you actually get fps drops?



From what u describe it seems a memory problem since the laggs are probably due to loading since it’s random, could be you’re hard disk or even ram but it’s a rare thing try testing with different ones

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Here are a couple of things you could give a try. Be sure to benchmark often to check if your fps actually increases.

– Try updating your drivers if you haven’t already (especially your GPU and audio drivers).

– If you have performance issues in any other games, do some standard PC maintenance first before you try a multitude of mods and configs. Run a scan (I recommend Malwarebytes), see if you can find anything. Defragmenting your disk wouldn’t do much as Windows 7 does that by default and you’re running TF2 on a SSD.

– Depending on what anti-virus you’re running, your TF2 might be slowed down. Basically, the folder C:Program FilesSteamappcachestats gets updated frequently while playing which can cause FPS issues for some players. Rather than disabling your anti-virus as a whole, you can add an exception for that specific folder. More info on it here:

– Set your Power Plan in Windows to High Performance (it should be Balanced by default).

– Have you tried switching to dx8?

– There are some mods out there other than cfg’s that improve performance. The No Hats mod removes all hats (and unusual effects) while playing and should grant about 7-8 fps if you’re willing to sacrifice hats for better performance. To download the mod or get updates, go here:

– You mentioned you have tried a FPS config before but did not specify which one. Since you referred to it as maxfps, I assume you are referring to chris’ config? While his config is good, it’s rather outdated and if my guess was right, I suggest trying out comanglia’s config if you haven’t already. Don’t blindly copy/paste it, read the comments next to most commands (the text behind //) and change it to your personal liking. Other popular configs are r4ndom’s and rhapsody’s config.

– As nightmare already mentioned, in some cases your game might actually benefit from having higher settings since it’ll put some of the load on your GPU rather than your CPU. People with modern graphics cards have reported higher and smoother fps post-Tough Break. If you want to give it a try, I refer to this post on

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