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How to improve my DM as Demo?

Created 2nd February 2012 @ 15:12

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get pro tips from rts because hes so pro


Quoted from alfa

Spend every night in a 33/33 dustbowl server



>Pipe aim


(PR Admin)

Get a good PC.
Get a good Mouse + Mousemat.
Find something that works for you – for me tr_walkway for roughly 20 mins a day if you can spare the time and rollouts once a week does the trick.

I find MGE fairly useless, same with dm servers. Remember that aim is less important than brain.

Maybe fool around as a Scout or Solly a bit. I at least find my self noticing where I shit the bed as a Scout more easily and get some ideas if I go Demo and shoot some pipes at other Scouts on a DM server. Might work the other way around as well.



flick to the left or right and hope they run into it. alternatively just shoot at them and hope they run into it.

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