TF2 Instagib - Revived once more??

Created 28th September 2011 @ 04:22

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Hi there.

For those of you who remember a few years back, TF2 instagib spawned a small, dedicated community of players eager to push the boundaries of skill and control in TF2 though the age-old practice of Igib.

For those who don’t know, Instagib is a game mode where 1 hit = 1 kill. No exceptions.

I used to try to organize the community behind it, spawning a one-off Igib cup on the ETF2L. One team came out on top purely because of the hours me and a few others poured into the game.

I’ve been playing tf2 a fair bit as of late, and I really do miss the skill and finesse behind instagib. Having played it from UT99, though 2K4 and Warsow, I’ve always loved the kill or be killed aspect of it, producing fast paced, unrelenting CTF games over a variety of different maps. Every class is a scout with a sniper rifle and nothing more, with the ability to rail-jump (huge skill required to master this; examples including a jump route from spire to spire on ctf_badlands at about 2000mph).

If anyone would be up for a truly challenging revival of the modification, just post in this thread. If I deem there to be enough interest, I’d be willing to purchase a SV (or two) with the intention of sparking interest once again.

Just post your thoughts here, and if I like what I see, I’ll proceed with the idea.

(Also, since it does have a steep learning curve, I’d be willing to provide some basic write-ups, detailing the fundamentals of the game).

Let me know what you think, and hopefully we can re-re-revive something that was once great, yet under appreciated.

I don’t know how many people would still be interested in this. It’s a ridiculously fast-paced, quake-esque gibfest.

If there were enough people interested, I’d be more than willing to front for a small server (6v6) to see how it fares and to get a general idea of how many people would like to participate in future tournaments.

Basically, if you’re interested in it, drop a post and based on numbers Ill consider wether to proceed.



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fun to play, would be cool to have one stable server running.

would also love to see a writeup on the 200mph jump you mentioned for example, sounds interesting


Basically, it’s possible to jump from one spire, round the corner on the first middle crates, get a speed boost from the second jump (really REALLY hard to time), and fly right onto the opposing teams spire (where the intel is). It takes a shitload of skill to do that, but even moreso to time the frag in the middle to stop the cap.




Always liked it.



Id be up for it. Good fun.

Le meme arrows

Make it happen, please.



Sounds like alot of fun :)


sent lofty a message about this, I would love to see it back once and for all. however mod needs fixing.

faulty spawns.
Cannot have sniper rifel like the old days only scatter gun. (No Biggie.)
Randomly crashes tf2.



we also need a Rocket Arena mod !!!!! : D



you’re gonna get owned again lofty


I never had a chance to play instagib on tf2 however i was a huge fan of it on UT.
Interest registered.

Spike Himself


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I never had a chance to play instagib on tf2 however i was a huge fan of it on UT.
Interest registered.

It’s not nearly as good as instagib on UT, but it’s still great fun :D


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It’s not nearly as good as instagib on UT, but it’s still great fun :D

It’s different, is what i would say. No Igib game I’ve played as of yet has been similar to what TF2Igib provides.






is good.

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