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aNgel WingS searches a new squad

Created 22nd March 2012 @ 23:10

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Hi all,
Our TF2 squad left our multigaming clan a few days ago.
They played this season in the second division of ETF2L.

aNgel’s Wings searches also a new team on this game.

Few things about the clan :
◊ Name : aNgel’s WingS
◊ Website : http://www.aw-gaming.net/
◊ VOIP : Mumble / TS3
◊ Gameserver : available (33 slots)

Contacts :
◊ Email address : [email protected]
◊ mIRC channel : #aW.fr
◊ Board (candidature à poster)

Requirements :
◊ Mature players
◊ Skill/Level : Division 3/4 to 1



add me on steam!!!!!!!!!!


What is your steam ?

Besides, what could you send me about your team ? (players, résults…) ?

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