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North American Season/Tournament

Created 12th October 2008 @ 02:42

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A couple of friends and me run a team in Cevo, we were looking for a few more leagues to play in because we are starting to get bored because Cevo, and cgs which is almost a joke at this point, are the only leagues running well at the moment. I think it would be a great thing if ETF2L ran a season or tournament where Americans can play. I know it is the European TF2 league but this could be an opportunity to have a lot of teams play in something that is so successful in Europe that a lot of leagues, like cevo, have taken pro maps and other ideas from you guys. So do you think this would even be considered?


RaWr ::

Promising Idea.. Send me £5000 to my paypal and i’ll get it sorted for you.


ETF2L: European TF2 League. When taking a look at that name, the idea of non-european TF2 clans playing in it is a bit far-fetched. But still, I like the idea of more clans participating in stuff like this, and I think that an American variation of ETF2L would be awesome. I can also see some possibilities for more interesting “NA top clans vs EU top clans” matches appearing if there was a similar league and ranking system for both North Americans, and Europeans. Some mini-cups / tournaments like “NA Div 1 top 3 vs EU Div 1 top 3” at the ends of the seasons, and so on. I believe that the top teams would be interested in that. Perhaps even attempt those mini-cups with teams from lower divisions? Would most definitely be interesting!

But to “export” an European TF2 League system for Americans to play, it would definitely need American admins, and an American site for it as well. It would no longer be part of ETF2L, but as it seems to be proven that the site and other stuff here work just perfectly, it could be a variation of it: NATF2L. :P

When I think why it wouldn’t work, only question that pops up is “How the other leagues there, are they popular or well-working enough? Would the NATF2L find its place there?” If the leagues there don’t satisfy, or people just want more, at least give it a try. Who knows what will happen. :)

This topic, in my opinion, would be a worthy one to discuss.


I agree with you in all of those respects, the NA vs. EU allstar game might also work. I do think it would be an awesome idea to have NATF2L, however, i would want to have support from ETF2L to make it so that we can use the same style and setup. I do not want any type of person from this league to talk about how we stole the idea. I’m sure there would be some big differences in the way it looks and one demoman rather than two. The issue that you are talking about, with the establishment of the league, i am 100% sure it would not fail if you coordinated it at the opposite time of CEVO and CGS. At this point, those are the only two leagues we respect enough to talk about and we are looking for a new league to rise out of no where and actually do things right. I think that the formula that made this league what it is, minus one demoman, could make a huge impact on competitive tf2. I think that NATF2L would be a better idea than ETF2L sponsoring a NA event and thank you for the ideas.


Im THAT good!

shishaw you do know that we use 1 demoman right?



organize a league on your side…? Because you
– cant play with “us” anyway
– need to play on your servs anyway…

so… where’s the point in europe “hosting” it? :P

Are you sure ETF2L isn’t too socialist for you?


“organize a league on your side…? Because you
– cant play with “us” anyway
– need to play on your servs anyway…

so… where’s the point in europe “hosting” it? :P”

Perhaps we can forget the idea of Europeans “hosting” the event for the Americans, due to the obvious issues that would appear. Instead, it would perhaps work to get some volunteers from America to organize another league (NATF2L) in the same way ETF2L is organized. Of course, to get the new league running, it would require the approval of both ETF2L and the NA gamers. After that, the only thing left is some work to get the new league running on its own.

Two leagues with the same division and ranking system would allow for some NA vs EU matchups with the co-operation of those leagues, and that would add additional flavor to the competitive scene of TF2. Of course that kind of matches can be organized without the leagues, but that would be a nice addition to the league system, and in my opinion, it would also attract some additional interest towards these leagues.

One con with this would be some work, more work, and a bit more work. Another one, would people be interested enough to attempt this? Is it too ambitious, or too big of a plan to work? :P Just throwing some ideas to discuss. But, if the ETF2L would be ready for it, it still needs the opinion of the American gamers, as they, not the EU gamers, would be the ones playing in the NATF2L. Also, it would be nice to hear some progamer opinions on this.


i believe there is a game-oriented isp, i forget its name. However a an american vs euro league could only really be feesible if we capitalized on it.
The isp in question allows acces to a VPN which is routed through a very efficient and traffic free fibre optic network, which connects various parts of north america together to allow for low pings.

If such an isp where to expand in europe. And it had dealings with competitive league admins. Players could capitalise on such a partnership by having cross continent pro matches through this system. A deal could be possible through sponcorship and advertisement. It could be possible



Ping is not as big of an issue as the time difference is. How many of you would be willing to play matches at 4AM? Pandemic had to play all their EMS matches on early Sunday afternoons, that was late night for us Finns. We have to keep the Euro and NA teams in different leagues because of that.

If there’s going to be a new North-American league, it needs to be run by people accross the pond.


RaWr ::

What Moose said above is one of the major drawbacks of playing with the guys across the pond. Especially during mid-week this would be a major problem.

We can’t expect people in the USA to play early when we play at our usual time. So for example, we would take it in turns playing at alternate times, that means for us in Europe as late as 1am games. For us that work…that’s impossible to do except on Friday and Saturday nights (if we aren’t out of course)

I think you American guys should contact another organisation, possibly http://www.esportsea.com I remember them being big for CS 1.6 but maybe they would like to expand?

@ Smofo… they had dl1 a long time before we did.



Answering as a single admin, not as ETF2L.

When that’s all cleared, I’m more than ready to help NA build up another big league. ETF2L has always been able to satisfy the majority of our players the league with rules, league system and a simple site. I only see positive things coming out of this, and the discussion about NA playing against european teams can be saved for later.

The coding and such for this site to be able to run several leagues for different regions will of course be a big job but it’s not something we would directly turn town.

What I can say right away, however, is that our european admins wont be able to run the league and a new NA admin panel has to be recruited. This because we already has a lot to do, we don’t know anything about the community over there and then we have the time difference.

Obviously a lot of things to be discussed before making a decision, so if you’re serious about it and can provide us a foot into the NA TF2 community, grab us on irc for further discussion.


RaWr ::

I agree with weqo, an na version of etf2l is a good idea and it doesn’t have to be eu vs USA. Thinks of both communities under one site.. Great potential


Obvious problem is time diff, but there are enough sad players out there (me included) who have 6 clan members able to play on a friday or saturday night so for pcw’s / practices /scrims it would be a good idea. This would happen if as Weqo suggested nowt wrong doing a ETF2L for NA’s tbh. Will bring more to the TF2 community and DEFINITELY a different style to TF2 as their map choices and strats are sometimes very diff!

I think it could work just needs a bit of effort :) Don’t mind helping too if need be!



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