Highlander Season 20 Preseason Cup Feedback

Created 19th October 2019 @ 23:40

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Please leave feedback from the cup here.


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From the news article it wasn’t clear if we play single round or Best of 3.



as expected, 3rd is new 2nd





add vigil pls

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want it?

Why did we not try the Prowater map instead? As far as I know Badwater Pro is not being worked on anymore at all, really no point in playing that.

Swiftwater was pretty good, honestly felt like it played pretty fast considering the amount of stages it has but that’s probably because teams don’t know how to set up the holds on it yet. Kinda fearing that Swiftwater 2nd could become the new Badwater 3rd/last if teams got good enough at it, but overall I enjoyed it.

Vigil was ok but I didn’t feel the changes that were made had a big impact on the map. First was still a throwaway with the extra area on right side, although it’s an alright spot for the med to hide during sac waves or something among those lines.

Hated Badwater as per usual. Not going to write a nerd essay on it this time like I’ve done every previous season, I’ve come to accept that the admins will just pick (standard) Badwater over all these other maps because of the opinion of one man. Third has become a throwaway and last is still the worst designed point in the entire game. The forward spawn change and the change to top left on third are pretty good but it has a lot of changes that are just plain unnecessary and take away more than they add (backing out of first for free, fence blocking sightline on 2nd, platform to rotate boiler from the house, staircase at the back of last etc.).



Alright so I had the chance to play only the first 2 maps, but since we all know how badwater v9 is, here’s my feedback on swiftwater and vigil :

Swiftwater in my opinion is a good map, it can be a 6 mins map or in some cases even 16 mins if the teams are good on holding some points, only the second point feels like a bit hard to push but that also happens in other maps (Example badwater third point).

Vigil, can be a good alternative map, the points have multiple ways to get reach (maybe not on last but I think it’s ok as it is).

I liked playing the cup and I would like to see at least swiftwater next season

vigil: disgusting shit
badwater_pro: normal version > all
swiftwater: yes



no to swiftwater
big yes for vigil
stick with normal badwater


Quoted from Adje

… I’ve come to accept that the admins will just pick (standard) Badwater over all these other maps because of the opinion of one man.

It really do be like that man



Vigil got better, the other 2 maps are actually worse, add vigil

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Vigil ok
swiftwater ok
Badwater bad

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Little Nyar

swift is okay
vigil – please, leave it for ugc
badwater – normal version is better





I’d vote for vigil. Swift is okay but I hate ‘push into a sightline choke with no options’ 4th and the map as a whole is a bit too long, you can have a 10 min time and call it fast

Badwater is fine too, not sure exactly which version should be used but imo the only changes badwater needs are *remove dispenser spot on 3rd *add forward spawns from pro_v9. v9 definitely feels like a bit too many changes.

Still vigil is fresh, fast and the developer is working actively on it so I don’t see why not stick with it for a season or two. You can always bring badwater back later.



Had fun on Swiftwater and Vigil. Get rid of Badwater.

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