Highlander Season 16 Preseason Cup Feedback

Created 8th July 2018 @ 12:11

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This thread is for feedback regarding the Highlander Season 16 preseason cup.

milk ban is amazing
iron bomber ban makes no sense and made no difference really
jarate should be banned
mantreads should be unbanned afaik
scorch shot ban is good



milk ban is hype
iron bomber is meh
short circuit unban plox (pew pew )



ban everything but iron bomber, it’s not a straight upgrade and most of the reasoning that was given is wrong (although it is better in a lot of situations tbf)
also ban jarate and maybe pocket pistol
unban short circuit so spamfest can shoot spirit bombs




milk is bad, jarate was helpful. Unban iron bomber, ofc scorch shot should be banned

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dunno why etf2l decide to ban iron bomber and machina both weapons are not straight upgrade, scorch shot ban is good, imo milk shoud be unbaned


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2 out of 3 games were more unbalanced than a game on hlpugs and the 3rd was also pretty one sided


milk, jarate and scorch shot are good bans. I’d say machina should be banned too, but tbh idk about iron bomber


Trying my best to make my team win at least 1 round.
Will keep you updated


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I like all the bans, iron bomber makes it way too easy to spam on koth and payload objectives. Jarate should probably be banned alongside milk.



The only downsides to Machina are the tracer and the ability to noscope. The argument that it’s not a straight upgrade because you can spot the Sniper without having to call him is ridiculous. You are in Mumble/Teamspeak/Discord/whatever so unless you play with 9 mutes there’s hardly any difference. Most Snipers worth their salt will rotate a bunch anyway. Not being able to do 50 damage while not scoped is a laughable downside. The extra damage + added penetration on fully charged shot does however come into play, although the former does come into play a lot more than the latter.

Also is the Mantreads bug still present or did they fix that? If not I think it should be unbanned


Machina feels like crossbow,yes it’s better on 2-3 maps of the pool than stock but still has it’s flaws that doesn’t make it a clear superior all the time as it has been said plenty of times already.If you hate bodyshots,might as well get a better spy or play on servers with sniper disabled.The weapon itself presents variety so every match doesn’t feel like a flashback of a previous one
This way,unban it and milk
Don’t care about the rest but there are plenty of demo mains in this game that would feel more inclined to continue playing hl or tf2 itself if their weapon of choice(i.e iron bomber) is unbanned.That is coming from someone who hates with a passion those dm mgelords demos that don’t seem to miss pipes even on scouts


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I wouldn’t have thought an iron bomber ban would have impact, but in retrospect I think that it made product a lot more fun to play for me anyway.

Though it could just be murpheey being bad LOL

Wouldn’t mind banning all throwables that don’t charge based on damage dealt. Right now both milk and jarate can make unwinnable fights winnable and they just seem like straight upgrades over other unlocks.

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Quoted from shenanigan

Machina feels like crossbow,yes it’s better on 2-3 maps of the pool than stock but still has it’s flaws that doesn’t make it a clear superior all the time

Are you actually saying that crossbow isn’t a weapon you should always run? If so, that’s laughable. Also, extra damage for not being able to no-scope is broken.


That is a weapon which can be considered reasonably strong but has been used for a long time now,without it being gamechanging such as the phlog outcry that happened where everyone was complaining

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