Highlander Season 14 Preseason Cup Feedback

Created 23rd October 2017 @ 23:53

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This thread is for feedback regarding the Highlander Season 14 preseason cup.



bring back cp hadal

Why is the Gas Passer and Mantreads banned?


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m a s o n

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Why is the Gas Passer and Mantreads banned?

Mantreads are still bugged, Gas Passer has a very bad visual effect that also doesn’t properly match its actual effective range.

Fair enough, cheers!



I don’t really know. Just IMO ban the thermal thrusther from next season. Banana is pretty aight but sandwich is still better tbh. The dragons fury; i dont really mind if it would be unbanned.

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Najs cup good games



Dragon’s fury feels like it needs a lot of tanking from your med if you want to get into the proper range to do damage, especially with very few airblasts to protect yourself. Defensively it has almost no utility but the DPS makes it interesting. Not worthy of a ban tho

Jetpack is interesting for suicide plays. Not much else. Depends on whether you think adding a pyro to your demo/soldier sac waves is banworthy or not.

The most broken thing about pyro with the update is honestly the standard flames, but you can’t really ban the whole class so idk



-All of the new unlocks are shit and worthless in hl, so no point in banning any new unlocks.
-The pocket pistol is fucking ridiculous and should perhaps considered to be removed from the whitelist, but I don’t know how game changing it really would be in an actual season.
-Reserve shooter should probably be unbanned now as it has no reason to be as far as I’m aware.
-You should also revise the short circuit, as it has no real reason to be banned other than “it’s annoying”. puke

Hopefully Valve fixes the broken weapons quickly and nerfs the shit out of flames too. Thanks for the cup!



I’d be up for allowing every single item that isn’t bugged (i.e. mantreads/gas) to be honest (the dragon’s fury is bugged but it’s a glitch that hurts the pyro – projectiles getting “eaten” in certain areas in many maps)

edit 31.10.17 – dragon’s fury is fixed hype

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reserve shooter and short circuit are both awful weapons which slow down the game and make it less fun, keep them banned. Dragons fury seems good on spam heavy maps but i didnt see any pyros even try it so i cant really say.


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Did anybody even use Vita-Saw during the whole cup? If so, what are the thoughts on that now? I’m mostly curious to hear about that as well since it is a rework after all.



Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol is incredibly broken as it’s basically a free medium ammo kit for Scout if he hits all his shots, even if you spam it at range. I’m pretty sure a lot of Scouts will still run Mad Milk over it even with most Spies running invis now, though. That being said, I really dislike the idea of Scout having even more items to heal himself with.

Thermal Thruster has a bug where it will sometimes let you use the second charge even while you’re in mid-air. (Talking about this for reference:
I thought it would be more powerful than it really is though, because apparently the jetpack has a hidden 30% increase in push force taken from damage which means Heavies/mini sentries push you around in mid air a fair bit. The situations where it would give you an advantage are a bit gimmicky. The slow switch speed makes it a bit hard to use as a ‘get out of jail free card’ similar to DR. It’s also not that great at direct ambushes because of this, although you can switch to your primary while in mid-air and have it out by the time you touch the ground.

Dragon’s Fury has good damage output and the hitbox is enormous but it’s not really worthwhile over any of the regular flamethrowers atm considering how strong the regular flames are right now. Default flames are incredibly powerful and require almost no mechanical skill in terms of aiming anymore. Stock and degreaser are still better for airblasting/spychecking.

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Thermal Thruster has a bug where it will sometimes let you use the second charge even while you’re in mid-air. (Talking about this for reference:

ooo so that’s what you were doing yesterday, I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out


The new flamethrower seems pretty bad since it takes away a lot of the utility pyro has with the high cooldown on airblast and not being able to spray flames.
It’s damage is good, but a bit unreliable cause you’re kinda screwed as soon as you miss one shot and the range isn’t long enough for it to be too good.
So I think that can be allowed.

Other than that, all the other weapons that were allowed also seem fine.
The jetpack has enough built-in disadvantages for it to not be a problem.
Not sure about Pretty Boys Pocket Pistol or Vita-Saw because no one tried them, but they seem like interesting sidegrades and are probably fine too.

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