Highlander Season 13 Preseason Cup: Feedback

Created 25th June 2017 @ 12:35

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The map is broken. If we cap A and C during our attack phase, we win. If they cap A and B in the same time without even touching C, they win.

Try it yourself, it’ll say “capture 2 points to win” without regard C is the final point.


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apart from that bug, I enjoyed playing the map



It has potential but it feels like an overall worse Gravel Pit

It has potential for really cool strats but the last point caps too fast imo, so this makes the defending team have to defend last and basically give up either a or b after one is capped, and if what Kkaltuu mentioned above is supposed to happen this means the attacking team can just roll into whichever point the defending team has the flank on and win, instead of capping last.


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Quoted from princess dvs

if what Kkaltuu mentioned above is supposed to happen

Definitely not, why should it happen?

Even Steel marks the E point capture as 5 points in the end even if you wouldn’t capture D or C, so it’s clearly an oversight if anything that should get fixed accordingly.



The cap time on C should be longer, and the spawn times for the defending team when A and B are capped should also be longer. There should also be a bridge on all sides of E point, there are currently two, one in the front and one on the right, a left one should be added.


Feels like a very strategy based map, However my team and I seem to believe whoever defends 1st has the upper hand and tends to win. Leading to draws. However the preseason scores don’t seem to follow this….

Better than both edifice and gravel pit, I still don’t like the roofs that push you off overwatch style on A, I think the cap times on A and B should be a touch faster and also fix that stupid cap A+B to win bug that has been in this map for far too long. This is a map with potential but I can’t see how we could fit it into a 5 week season when there are so many maps better than it.

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Oh wow I didnt realise this map was still being considered.

I might be updating it some time so I can definitely look into fixing those things. Thanks for the feedback.

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