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Inspired by PUG services such as PugChamp and similar to the past IRC channels of tf2-mix.nahl and tf2.pug.nahl, is a highlander draft-organized system where captains choose from an available pool of players in order to create highly competitive and balanced matches. This project aims to be transparent with our players and maintain the integrity of our community through democratic decision making. With the continued and dedicated support of the highlander community, we hope to provide a service that will allow for the combination of respect, care, and most importantly fun for everyone that uses it.

With the success of the North American site a little over two months ago, we soon realised that there was a large demand for a service like this in Europe. It has been a deceptively complicated process involving a large number of internal changes, but despite all that, our devs pulled through. It is our pleasure to announce the Open Beta Release of Europe!

We want as much feedback and input as possible! Whether these are small bugs that we have not yet found or features that you wish to be added to the project, we wish to improve this service as much as possible.


– PUG controlled through a server plugin: Swaps players to the correct team and class when pug starts, keeps track of the game’s scoreline, formats the server for the next PUG, and logs PUG statistics for each player
– Substitution System: Captain chooses which players to substitute in through the web interface
– Fast connection info string when PUG draft ends
– Overview panel to see access bans, captain ELO, rankings of players, and etc
– User Profiles: Wins, losses, replacement statistics, and total number of games played on each class
– Unique button that adds a player to all nine classes as well as for favorite classes
– Works in Steam overlay
– Active developers
– Over 9 custom voice packs to choose from such as the iconic “Kegaman” voice pack
– No Ads
– Admins that are not terrible

Steam Group (Announcements will be posted here as well as the Discord)

Discord (For anyone to use in order to get notified when a PUG goes live, suggest feedback, talk to the support team, or submit any questions to the team.)

Patreon (If you wish to support our project)

Many thanks to everyone in the community for their continued support into allowing this project to happen. You all deserve it.

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Beta Update #4 Change Log (12/30/17 – 1/20/18):

- site launch

-Implemented a new captain rating system (View this in overview)
– Default rating is 5000, Elo K-factor = 32
– If captain A has 100 R more than captain B, captain A is expected to go 64-36 against captain B over 100 pugs (assuming no draws)
– New ratings will only take into account pugs in the past 90 days
– Added a FAQ in the Rules page:
– Autocomplete
– Fixed username autocomplete entries being stored in memory
– Fixed issues with typing a colon and erasing it — causing the player to enter the autocomplete
– Fixed Patreon and microphone icon not displaying while added up
– Fixed a bug with the role checking algorithm
– Fixed a bug where the player card would be stuck in the connect info screen
– Fixed auto-add on PUG end not working
– Fixed logged out users seeing random messages with @mentions as highlighted
– Fixed issues with the database query causing the site to crash
– Fixed issues with server #1 not executing rcon commands and crashing the site
– Fixed issues with favorite classes & add up to all classes button unadding players from captain
– Made player card display on the side and not on top
– Made class lists transparent
– Fireworks SFX should now look better (can be enabled in settings)
– Added homo-glyph detection in the chat filter
– Added more emotes and gifs (see site announcement)
– Added a warnings system for admins/moderators to use
– Session logins are now saved for 2 weeks
– Admins can now rename players
– Either captain now has a 50/50 chance of getting first pick
– Added the enemy team’s players and classes in the connect info screen
– Enabled interactivity with the site on the connect info screen
– System message now displays the captain’s Elo that were selected in chat
– Banned the Phlogistinator after much evaluation
– Added profile links in ‘Your Team’ to your teammates for the connect info screen
– Chat now has a beeping symbol when a new message is sent
– Added player history panel with another player
– Finalized Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Voice Pack so that is is much louder
– MOTD now directs to the Steam group
-Voice Packs
– Added Nice Woolen, Mean Woolen, and Italian Bowl voice packs
-Map List
– Updated pl_badwater_pro_v11 to pl_badwater_pro_v12 and pl_vigil_b6 to pl_vigil_rc1

Originally, I had bumped previous updates of this project on an unofficial thread. If you want to see them, they are here:

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Apparently tragicservers were at 99% memory usage and ran out of memory — causing the crashes. We’ll be working to try to resolve this error.


Beta Update #5 (2/6/18):

– Mouse hover now displays your UGC player honors history
– Fixed “NA” showing up in notifications instead of “EU”
– We have added an API documentation for
– Fixed the issue where changing your name would crash the server
– Fixed an issue with the banning logic
– Added a warning system for captains when picking a certain player on a class would potentially kill the draft
– Clicking the “class name” will now add up to that particular class
– Fixed player stats incorrectly showing the number of losses on the Player Statistics Panel
– Added a new page that is thrown when a player does not have enough hours or is banned from the site
– Added a new logo for the site (thank you KonektiV!)
– Added ability for Patrons, admins, mods, and voice actors to change their name color (affects their color in chat and while added up)
– Made chat text bigger
– (Finally) added ties on 5cp map which will show on your user profile
– Banned the Rocket Jumper
– Links in announcements are now clickable
– Class icon will now become larger if you hover over someone on that particular class
– PUG Status Update will now give the STV and overview link on each score update
– Fixed emote auto-complete so you can now type :omegalul: in a sentence
– Voice packs should now be significantly louder (1/4th multiplier on sound has been removed for all packs except default)
– Significantly updated the draft layout (should look better on mobile landscape)
– Ability to hide sub boxes

STATUS ON THE MAP POOL AND EU SERVERS: We are going to test with a new map loading logic. This will hopefully allow us to create a different map pool for both the EU and NA regions respectively.

On the topic of the crashes with the EU TragicServers, we are looking to retrieve a couple dedicated servers from certain players in the community this weekend. Please be patient as we try to get this issue resolved, thanks.

In progress: Adding extended stats that displays all the wins/losses on particular maps with another player

Steam Group (Announcements will be posted here as well as the Discord)
Discord (For anyone to use in order to get notified when a PUG goes live, suggest feedback, talk to the support team, or submit any questions to the team.)
Patreon (If you wish to support our project)

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