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Created 4th May 2015 @ 12:12

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Gentleman Jon

End of Regular Season wrap up and prizes

ESEA season effectively finished last week but I wanted to make sure no late forfeits were rescheduled before finishing up here. The nail biting finale saw Sideshow screwed by ESEA defaults again, pipped to the post by Fantasy TF2 savant hg. The final results are:

1st place: hg’s team a cum for help on 2299, wins 5 keys and a Master Mind hat
2nd place: Sideshow’s team Sideshow’s AYO lads on 2293 (6 points sideshow, 6 points!), wins 3 keys
3rd place: adorable soup’s team plz enjoy game on 2272, wins 1 key

And with tonight’s destruction of nerdRage by Epsi… er Reason, the ETF2L competition has been wrapped up too. The final results:

1st place: at0mic’s team The Killers on 3079, wins 5 keys
2nd place: hg’s team save me barry! on 3030, wins 3 keys
3rd place: Death’s team domoi on 2963, wins 1 key

Prize distribution has begun…

Playoff Fantasy Games

Given that Reason’s player prices from the season won’t represent their demand I’ll have that adjusted and live tomorrow, and hopefully the ESEA playoff game live as well.

Seeing as our generous sponsor wiethoofd (of and has been ruthlessly fleeced for prizes all season and has now been forced to start sleeping on park benches as a result, it’ll all be for pixel trophy glory.

Gentleman Jon

ETF2L Season 21 Playoff game now open

The fantasy game for the one day playoff extravaganza is now available with players available from the 3 qualifying teams. However this fantasy game has a big difference from the ones that went before. Instead of the stingy 2 transfers a week there will be 12 available from when you create your team, so switching your team around between maps to take advantage of fluctuating form or a particular player’s skill on a class (Flippy’s sniper for example) is encouraged.

Whether a player you select will score points for you will be based on when I mark the game as played which will be the start time of the map as close as I can get it, and as long as players are shown to only have moved after the start time then you have them for the whole game. For times I’ll be trusting server times from logs. If you make a switch very close to the start time then there’s a chance you’ll miss that window, but you can safely switch a player during a map for the next game as long as they were on your team for the start of that map.

I’ve only included Schocky for Reason but that comes with a health warning, that scout spot may be changed by them. I’ll try to react to any changes there in time for people to make alternative selections if possible. Also who knows if Zebbo will stay on soldier after nerdRage’s beating last night.

There won’t be any market movements during the games, what you see is what you get price wise.

Sign up here

ESEA announcement should be made this afternoon

Gentleman Jon

ESEA Season 19 Playoff game now open

The fantasy game for the ESEA playoffs is now available. Initially because of the likelihood of overlapping games I’m keeping transfers to the 2 change limit initially and probably increasing it as the competition progresses.

There’s a bit of a health warning on Street Hoops, it’s rumoured there will be some switching early amongst a couple of players and alfa may just be filling in briefly, so take that for what it’s worth.

Sign up here

Gentleman Jon

ozfortress OWL 14 game now open

Think you know which antipodean members of our global TF2 diaspora are as fit as a Mallee bull and who is as crook as Rookwood? Now is your chance to prove it, the ozfortress OWL 14 game is now open.

For this competition I’m liberalising the transfer rates a bit to allow 4 changes a week instead of 2.

Sign up here

Health warning: the live logs parser is the most beta part of a beta website, so there might be a few jitters here and there.

For the ESEA playoff fantasy game and ETF2L playoff fantasy game see the posts above, time is running out on those so get your teams in.

Gentleman Jon

I’ve put up a quick page with stats that have been collected for 6v6 Season 21. I think it’s fairly comprehensive although there might be a missed log here or there. Use the search box to filter classes, etc





Would be cool to be able to view regular season stats in isolation. It’s all very skewed when playoff players are compared to the others who played less games/easier games on average.

Or to have more “per map” stats for kills/deaths/etc

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Gentleman Jon

The i55 Fantasy TF2 game is now live

Create your team here

It’s the biggest TF2 event of the year and this is it’s Fantasy game. Sign up and play.

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Gentleman Jon

After the relentless pace of i58, Beater has stepped up once again to admin ETF2L Season 25 Fantasy TF2!


There are only a couple of days before the first scheduled game. Transfer limits should be 4 players in a week, but be aware that any transfers made from the first moment your team is created count against this total. Make sure you’re happy with your initial selection.

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Gentleman Jon

OK we’re live with ETF2L Season 27: sign up here:

Get your skates on, the season starts in an hour

As always, Beater is a champ for setting this stuff up

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