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Created 2nd July 2011 @ 04:22

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(ETF2L Donator)

To celebrate Team Fortress 2 becoming Free2Play, MyGamingEdge is having a FREE WEEKEND from Friday through Sunday. Enjoy all our premium videos narrated by the best TF2 players in the world for free!

To start watching, all you need is a free account. Click here to register! Read on to see more announcements and give aways too!

On top of this MyGamingEdge have added a MatchTicker which will cover all ESEA-Invite matches.

Also, there are several months of Premium membership up for grabs:

There is Referral program, which is where if you have recently bought premium at the suggestion of a friend, submit a ticket in the “Referral” category with the email/username of the person who referred you, and that person will get a month of free premium. Both users must already be premium subscribers to be eligible.

The first 100 Facebook Likes, the first 100 users to Like our Facebook page will have a chance to receive a month of free premium.

Plus, the first 50 Twitter Followers, the first 50 users to Follow our Twitter feed will have a chance to receive a month of free premium.

Plus plus, there is the Comment Giveaway, where users who are active on our comments and forums will have a chance to receive a month of free premium.

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Seriously, get a life.



To be honest I think it should just all go free. If the top level players or the video editors on the scene really need money for their time they obviously don’t care enough. Not to mention I have tried experimenting with the benefits of Premium on 2 seperate occaisions 6 months apart and both teams I felt you didn’t get enough worth your money.

It is still a very good site but it should be one that belongs to the community more with free content.

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I agree with hildreth, I used to pay for it and it got to the point where it’d be weeks for a new video, I could watch the whole premium set in the free weekend.


Never understood the need for a site like this in a game like tf2



lol, mge.

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