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Ultiduo Cup #6 Knockout Stage Powered By: Tree

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
Netherlands a memory             
 Netherlands a memory1          
European open > high0Ireland pls no german server0          
Ireland pls no german server1  Netherlands a memory1        
Germany [Just4FUN]1  Serbia svrsh-vrshke0        
Belarus aimer page.0Germany [Just4FUN]0          
  Serbia svrsh-vrshke1          
Serbia svrsh-vrshke    Netherlands a memory1      
Russia XANAX BOY$$$     Russia XANAX BOY$$$0      
 Russia XANAX BOY$$$1          
England noot noot England noot noot0          
   Russia XANAX BOY$$$1        
Turkey Fish1  Ukraine GLORY TO UKRAINE0        
International ampathy0Turkey Fish0          
Jamaica Hello boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii0Ukraine GLORY TO UKRAINE1          
Ukraine GLORY TO UKRAINE1      Netherlands a memory1    
Scotland please for the love of god dont starve0      France VAC0    
Hungary a duo'1Hungary a duo'1          
  Poland Joeila0          
Poland Joeila  Hungary a duo'1        
Belgium blueberry1  Germany ask away!0        
European TEAM LAG0Belgium blueberry0          
Estonia Bad Internet Gaming0Germany ask away!1          
Germany ask away!1    Hungary a duo'0      
SouthKorea scout mains play ultiduo badly1    France VAC1      
Jamaica Stinsons0SouthKorea scout mains play ultiduo badly0          
Japan Go Go Nippon ft.morti   France VAC1        
 Japan Go Go Nippon ft.morti0          
France VAC France VAC1          
         Netherlands a memory1  
Israel J&S         European Memes For The Win0  
 Israel J&S1          
European PUBG > OSU > OW > CSGO > TF2 European PUBG > OSU > OW > CSGO > TF20          
   Israel J&S1        
UnitedKingdom ku$h nannies0  Ukraine 6oLLlu He cTpeJl9u l7o l7upocaM0        
CzechRepublic Herbie is skiller1CzechRepublic Herbie is skiller0          
India ANNIE AND FRANK: BBALLOCKS EDITION.0Ukraine 6oLLlu He cTpeJl9u l7o l7upocaM1          
Ukraine 6oLLlu He cTpeJl9u l7o l7upocaM1    Israel J&S0      
Ireland IRA MGE UNIT1    European Memes For The Win1      
International Bentley eSports0Ireland IRA MGE UNIT1          
UnitedKingdom ChuckleVision UnitedKingdom ChuckleVision0          
   Ireland IRA MGE UNIT0        
Russia Pizdato0  European Memes For The Win1        
European Memes For The Win1European Memes For The Win1          
Montenegro cazzo COLOSSALE Gaming Montenegro cazzo COLOSSALE Gaming0          
       European Memes For The Win1    
UnitedKingdom henlo lizer1      European Majogari0    
European Frane and Vinegar0UnitedKingdom henlo lizer0          
Scotland Am oan the Protein1Scotland Am oan the Protein1          
UnitedKingdom  Scotland Am oan the Protein0        
European Majogari1  European Majogari1        
UnitedStates rain drop, drop top0European Majogari1          
Japan SEB.TF1Japan SEB.TF0          
Scotland Uberdrop0    European Majogari1      
Canada At Least We Tried     Ukraine Alt v komande - autolose0      
 Canada At Least We Tried0          
Latvia What Do You Mean?1Latvia What Do You Mean?1          
European NoBalls0  Latvia What Do You Mean?0        
Ukraine Alt v komande - autolose1  Ukraine Alt v komande - autolose1        
Seychelles autism00Ukraine Alt v komande - autolose1          
Russia REVERS3 Russia REVERS30          
           Netherlands a memory2
Germany Toxic Foxes           International Arctic Ballers0
 Germany Toxic Foxes1          
Netherlands Sowilo Rune1Netherlands Sowilo Rune0          
Poland kaczki BLACK0  Germany Toxic Foxes1        
Japan ジュンヌとはナンバーワンです   Japan ジュンヌとはナンバーワンです0        
 Japan ジュンヌとはナンバーワンです1          
Finland big fuck0Spain Franziskaner0          
Spain Franziskaner1    Germany Toxic Foxes0      
Finland snorkmaidens1    Japan 永遠の愛の仲間たち1      
European Two Tapirs0Finland snorkmaidens0          
Japan 永遠の愛の仲間たち1Japan 永遠の愛の仲間たち1          
France riperino ziperino0  Japan 永遠の愛の仲間たち1        
Hungary ESCape1  CzechRepublic f a m i l y0        
Germany Salt and Lemon0Hungary ESCape0          
CzechRepublic f a m i l y1CzechRepublic f a m i l y1          
Finland aattekoo0      Japan 永遠の愛の仲間たち0    
Norway 2 Sweden and beyond1      France Fanny Legacy1    
European aaaᵃ0Norway 2 Sweden and beyond1          
International dcp1International dcp0          
England Sloth Appreciation Society0  Norway 2 Sweden and beyond1        
    Scotland Projectile Dysfunction0        
Scotland Projectile DysfunctionScotland Projectile Dysfunction1          
Sweden Unprofessional Dreamworks Haterbois0International Whites0          
International Whites1    Norway 2 Sweden and beyond0      
International Delinquent Duo0    France Fanny Legacy1      
European SHAKE IT1European SHAKE IT0          
Japan kola on weeb0Poland chlopaki1          
Poland chlopaki1  Poland chlopaki0        
Russia Tartar Sauce   France Fanny Legacy1        
 Russia Tartar Sauce0          
France Fanny Legacy France Fanny Legacy1          
         France Fanny Legacy0  
International Arctic Ballers         International Arctic Ballers1  
 International Arctic Ballers1          
European KRUSTY KRAB PIZZA0Pakistan Benji & Emilio Fede0          
Pakistan Benji & Emilio Fede1  International Arctic Ballers1        
European Godspeed You! Snack Emperor1  European Godspeed You! Snack Emperor0        
European Kuh Crew0European Godspeed You! Snack Emperor1          
  International sry im new0          
International sry im new    International Arctic Ballers1      
CzechRepublic kamen, orech a kapuca0    Hungary 21$avage0      
England D4 DAMAGER1England D4 DAMAGER0          
  Hungary 21$avage1          
Hungary 21$avage  Hungary 21$avage1        
Turkey ehi gaming0  TrinidadTobago 2 of the coolest masters0        
European fяomcow2dooяstep1European fяomcow2dooяstep0          
  TrinidadTobago 2 of the coolest masters1          
TrinidadTobago 2 of the coolest masters      International Arctic Ballers1    
Estonia TOMMY ZOOM0      European bball tWINs0    
Germany chew gum crew1Germany chew gum crew1          
Spain aQuilaBamba Powered by Ultiduito eSports Spain aQuilaBamba Powered by Ultiduito eSports0          
   Germany chew gum crew0        
BosniaHerzegovina Rocket Geckos1  BosniaHerzegovina Rocket Geckos1        
European A Tale of Two Scrubs0BosniaHerzegovina Rocket Geckos1          
Japan 2 debile Japan 2 debile0          
     BosniaHerzegovina Rocket Geckos0      
Scotland Underscore Parents0    European bball tWINs1      
European I liek MLP1European I liek MLP0          
Turkey Team Merkelsommer0Italy Best Friendz1          
Italy Best Friendz1  Italy Best Friendz0        
France TEAM GNAR PUMP0  European bball tWINs1        
European KAMSZ→K1European KAMSZ→K0          
  European bball tWINs1          
European bball tWINs