Basketball 2v2 Cup #6 Rules

Basketball 2v2 Cup #6


2on2, soldiers only The Basketball 2v2 Cup #6 is played with 2 soldiers on each team.

Rosters and Mercs

Mercs and backups are only allowed during the group stage (maximum one) and have to be approved by the opponent. Please make sure that one of your players plays in all matches. You need to play all matches in the knockout stage with the same two players, one of them must be a player who played in all group stage matches. Teams violating this rule will be disqualified from the competition.

Group and K.O. Stages

The Basketball 2v2 Cup #6 will feature group stages of four teams with the top two teams of each group leading into a single elimination knockout competition.

A team that does not show up for a scheduled match will be disqualified from the tournament.

Win Conditions

25 cap limit or 20 time limit. Group Stage and Knockout games until the Semi Finals will be played as Best of Ones. The Semi Finals, Grand Finals and Third Place Playoffs will be played as best of threes. Freezecam is to be disabled using server setting spec_freeze_time 0.

Note: If the score is drawn after 20 minutes, a golden cap game of 5 captures and unlimited time limit. For the golden cap use the bball config but change the following server settings
mp_timelimit 0 mp_winlimit 5


All bball matches will be played on the map ctf_ballin_sky [Download]

Weapons and Whitelist

The etf2l_ball whitelist will be used. [ Link]. Weapon pickups are allowed.