Highlander Season 12: Award Polls

Date May 23, 2017

One week has passed, but we still cannot really believe it: has been dethroned! Before we wrap up the season for good, there are a couple more things to do, though… For instance find out who you think performed best on his/her respective role! In other words… it is awards time! The Premiership players have decided who […]

Hugs.tf 2017: Support their charity stream this weekend!

Date May 5, 2017

We here at ETF2L.org are not the only people working as volunteers in order to deliver content and provide you with an awesome Team Fortress 2 experience. There a bunch of other amazing gamers out there, including the hugs.tf crew! Hugs.tf? What’s that supposed to be? Hugs.tf is a small team of creators based in the […]

Season 26 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Award Polls

Date April 8, 2017

Polls? Polls!     The polls will be open until 15th April, 21:00 CEST. Happy voting! ETF2L on social media:  Follow us on twitter!  Like us on Facebook!  Join our Steamgroup and invite your friends!  Use our Discord

Season 26: Playoff-schedule, Discord, Looking for Sponsors, Staff Changes

Date March 6, 2017

Week 7 is already well underway, it’s about time we let you guys know how the playoffs will work this season! The post turned out to be a wall of text but we promise it is worth reading all of it! The schedule for the Season 26 playoffs looks as follows: Premiership Tier The first four teams will qualify […]

Highlander Season 11 powered by Tt eSports: Award Polls!

Date January 31, 2017

Spoiler: You have to click ‘read the rest of this entry‘ in order to be able to vote for all categories… The last matches have been played. GGs have been called. But there is one more question to be answered: who will take away the Player of the Season awards? The premiership teams have nominated the most […]