Announcing: Season 30 sponsored by STN-Trading and!

Date May 13, 2018

Banner by Welcome to our 30th Season of 6v6 Gaming!! While the teams were busy with their playoff games, we worked on the next – our 30th no less – season. We are very happy to be able to announce that our signups are open right now until May 26th 20.00 CEST! >>>> Sign up now! […]

Season 29: Award Polls!

Date May 1, 2018

Everybody loves these! The polls will be open until Sunday, May 6th 15:00 CEST. So be sure to vote in time! The award show is not yet scheduled at the time of publishing this post. ETF2L on social media:  Follow us on twitter!  Like us on Facebook!  Join our Steamgroup and invite your friends!  Use our Discord!

Highlander Season 14: Award Polls!

Date January 29, 2018

Yet another actionpacked season is behind us. After everything is said and done, reclaim the throne and are our first champions in 2018. Congratulations! But apart from the stellar teamplay, we had the treat to witness top-notch individual effort and gameplay. To honour those we have asked the premiership teams who they thing should receive […]

Season 28: Wrap-up

Date December 29, 2017

Season 28  Wrap-up Congratulations once again to for claiming their first Premiership title! The winning squad is comprised of: (Medic) (Demoman) (Soldier) (Soldier) (Scout) (Scout) After a thrilling Grand Final, have been defeated and place 2nd while  are rewarded with the bronze medal. Although we all enjoy watching the top players, ETF2L is not only […]

Season 28: Award Polls!

Date December 16, 2017

Here we go again… First off: congratulations to for claiming their first premiership title! For the last time in 2017 you decide who will receive the honours of being the best individual gamers of their respective roles! The awards show is expected to be scheduled soon. It will most likely be streamed during the week […]