Season 26: Playoff-schedule, Discord, Looking for Sponsors, Staff Changes

Date March 6, 2017

Week 7 is already well underway, it’s about time we let you guys know how the playoffs will work this season! The post turned out to be a wall of text but we promise it is worth reading all of it! The schedule for the Season 26 playoffs looks as follows: Premiership Tier The first four teams will qualify […]

Highlander Season 11 powered by Tt eSports: Award Polls!

Date January 31, 2017

Spoiler: You have to click ‘read the rest of this entry‘ in order to be able to vote for all categories… The last matches have been played. GGs have been called. But there is one more question to be answered: who will take away the Player of the Season awards? The premiership teams have nominated the most […]

Season 25 powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Week 6: 3/6 vs. Crowns

Date October 25, 2016

In just a couple of hours time we will be served with the matchup “almost bottom of the table” vs. “top of the pops”: Premiership newbies take on the Insomnia58 and 4 time defending ETF2L champions . One could hardly argue against being massively favoured to take away all 6 points with ease… Will ‘s squad be […]

DeutschLAN 2016: Casts

Date September 9, 2016

Time has gone by fast at DeutschLAN 2016 so far. The teams are ready, the servers are ready, only question is: Are you ready? Friday (Day 1) casts: The stream will be going live at 20:00 cest over at BlackoutTV! The opening match of this year’s DeuschLAN will be between and . Depending on how […]

DeutschLAN 2016: Teams, Schedule and more!

Date September 2, 2016

Insomnia 58 was a feast for every Team Fortress 2 lover out there. Now it is time to move on… On to another LAN! The one, the only: DeutschLAN 2016! First up: The Teams The following teams will be attending LAN and compete for the DeutschLAN championship (not in order of seeding): Doctors of Mediocrity […]