Highlander Season 20: Map Pool Update!

Date November 1, 2019

Banner by Map Poll Results: The results of the polls can be found here. With these results in mind koth_warmtic_b6 will be returning to the map pool inplace of cp_propaganda_b16 for Season 20. To complete the map pool we ask that you please vote on the following poll: ETF2L on social media:  Follow us on twitter! […]

Announcing Highlander Season 20 and Map Pool Poll!

Date October 28, 2019

Banner by Announcing Highlander Season 20! All the information regarding the coming Season can either be found in this newspost, or will be released shortly! For tiers we’ll be aiming to run swiss again for Open and Mid. This is still potentially subjected to change depending on the final signup numbers. >>Signup Now!<< Season Schedule […]

Highlander Season 18 – Wrap-up

Date May 28, 2019

Highlander Season 18 – Wrap-up The playoff games have ended and the winners have been crowned. The main season of Premiership was shown to be very promising and competitive, and in the end it was proven to witness former champions reclaiming their throne back. We want to give big congratulations to as the winners of […]

Announcing Highlander Nations Cup #6

Date May 10, 2019

Highlander Nations Cup #6: Announcement With Highlander Season 18 over but for the last playoff games and award poll – It is time for the best players of each country to group up together and prove that their country is the best! The Cup will feature a Group Stage and a single-elimination Tournament, and will take […]

The Future of ETF2L!

Date April 1, 2019

RGL’s choice to introduce No restrictions into their league was a bold decision, however after seeing the success of the tournament we would like to announce that we will be looking towards a similar format for our main 6s and HL seasons! So without further ado, in this post we will be announcing 6v6 Season 33! […]