S27 Grand Final: Se7en vs Arctic Foxes

Date July 26, 2017

After not losing a single map in season 26, have looked far shakier this season, dropping 5 points in the regular season as well as two whole maps during these playoffs. This, as well as the fact they’ve never played versus this particular lineup, leaves us with a bit of mystery as to the outcome […]

S27 LBSF: Arctic Foxes vs LEGO

Date July 19, 2017

Two of the most experience-filled rosters in prem lock horns in this do-or-die match. We’ve never seen these two in a best of three before (thanks to ‘s hiatus last season) but expect fireworks from both teams nontheless. LEGO have proven they’re capable of picking up from where they left off by taking a map […]

S27 UBF: Se7en vs Lowpander

Date July 16, 2017

The opening games of the playoffs of this season of ETF2L have given us two teams to go head-to-head for an immediate place in the Grand Final. The first is , the powerhouse of EU with a season win-streak of 6, stretching all the way back to 2015. With reintroduced to the roster, they’ve looked […]

Season 27 Premiership Upper Bracket Round 1: LEGO vs Se7en

Date July 12, 2017

On their seamless transition back to the top of ETF2L prem, have drawn in the first round of playoffs. LEGO experienced some pretty rocky results vs the other top teams towards the end of the season, and the whipping they recieved at the hands of Se7en in week 4 spell trouble for the supposedly Danish […]

Season 26 Powered by Tt ESPORTS Premiership Grand Final: Se7en vs Arctic Foxes!

Date March 25, 2017

There is only one match to play, one final chance for a European team to unseat the imperious from their throne at the top of EU TF2. It has been the German lineup of that has made it to this final, rather than the predicted showdown with nerdRage, but it should be just as, if […]