Season 26 Powered by Tt ESPORTS Premiership Grand Final: Se7en vs Arctic Foxes!

Date March 25, 2017

There is only one match to play, one final chance for a European team to unseat the imperious from their throne at the top of EU TF2. It has been the German lineup of that has made it to this final, rather than the predicted showdown with nerdRage, but it should be just as, if […]

Season 26 Powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Upper Bracket Final: Se7en vs Arctic Foxes

Date March 19, 2017

With an incredible display shattering nerdRage, the Foxes go on to an even bigger upset opportunity: beat and they will be the first team to win a playoff game vs them in two years. looked well-integrated in the team in their previous game, but and were the stars of the show, with impact, frags and […]

Season 26 Powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Upper Bracket Round 1 – nerdRage vs Arctic Foxes

Date March 16, 2017

With Lowpander providing Se7en with an unexpectedly close match earlier this week, all bets are off for this encounter between the French squad under sponsor , and the predominantly German . The organised and high-fragging combo of and will look to prove that the consistency they have displayed throughout the season can outgun the mechanically […]

Season 26 Powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Upper Bracket Round 1 – Se7en vs Lowpander

Date March 14, 2017

With an unexpected playoff berth following the quick demise of champGG.K!, will look to prove they deserve their spot with a strong showing versus the juggernauts of . A harder test in Europe they will not find, but will try his best to be unerred by this intimidating opponent, instead attempting to drop the huge […]

Season 26 Powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Week 7 – ChampGG.K! vs Se7en and Lemmings vs nunya and (!) Lowpander vs nerdRage

Date March 11, 2017

Instead of trying to slowly wean you off the drug that is prem TF2, scheduling has led to three matches in one night, something highly unusual and worrying for broadcasters Dusting off teamfortresstv3 on twitch has been considered, and you now have no excuse to be watching some TF2 this sunday. Annoyingly, all the […]