Copenhagen Games Esports Festival: Prize pool announcement!

Date March 6, 2019

On behalf of our friends from Copenhagen Games we are happy to announce that this year’s Team Fortress 2 tournaments at the Copenhagen Games Esports Festival will be sponsored by L33t Gaming, manufacturers of high quality gaming chairs, tables, mouse mats and other great gaming gear. Make sure to check out their website at!

Thanks to their generous contribution this year’s tournaments will have a total prize pool of 12.000 €!
The prize money will be split between the two tournaments, with 10.000 € for 6v6 and 2.000 € for Highlander

6v6 Main tournament:

The prizepool will be distributed as follows:

  1. Place: 5.000 € + Hardware
  2. Place: 2.500 € + Hardware
  3. Place: 1.250 € + Hardware
  4. Place: 1250 €


9v9 Highlander tournament:


  1. Place: 1.250 € + Hardware
  2. Place: 750 € + Hardware
  3. Place: Hardware


Even more announcements!

The Copenhagen Games 2019 TF2 staff is working on a B-Tournament for gamers that were knocked out during the group stages to keep everybody occupied during the event. Stay tuned for more information!
Please note that ETF2L is not directly involved in the organization of this tournament. If you have any questions or queries please contact a Copenhagen Games TF2 staffmember either via their Discord or the forumthread.
For more information about the Copenhagen Games Esports Festival visit their website. You should also make sure to check out and bookmark for updates about everything TF2 related!

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  1. Mankind: ᵍaₑtᵃ said:


  2. hawaii: mwa said:

    cash money

  3. bum: yerbaby - YNWA. said:

    im gonna hang that 5k up on my wall, in a frame

  4. gilga: myx - CSPB said:

    we finally made it, we e-sports now

  5. unk1nd.: ZENGURT - 3' said:

    holy shit that art is so good

  6. NeuTronas: LR said:

    Thank you L33t!!!

  7. Foz: (ETF2L Donator) - LR - hlpugs said:

    about time i need a new chair

  8. smrk: opa! - -=LMDP=- said:

    gilga: myx – SCPB said:
    Today, 00:10

    we finally made it, we e-sports now

  9. MatTj: NIBA - ᵍaₑtᵃ said:

    Money hm?
    Seems like gaeta will also conquer Denmark someday

  10. dyingslave22: splsh said:

    would be a shame if someone went there and stole 80% of the prize pool :$

  11. dyingslave22: splsh said:


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