Season 32 Premiership Week 2: Ascent.EU vs Se7en, & l’En Avant de Guingamp vs THE THEORISTS

Date February 7, 2019

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Ascent.EU vs Se7en

Catch a preview of playoffs with this massive week two clash as Finland Ascent.EU takes to the battlefield against UnitedKingdom Se7en.

The two Premiership finalists of last season will be brawling it out on Product and Sunshine, and with each map favouring a side, some very intense action is to be expected. Last season, Sunshine was taken easily by Se7en, while Product was the only map Ascent.EU was able to win in the Grand finals in a convincing 3-0 rout.

Se7en easily disposed of France l'En Avant de Guingamp last week, dropping only a single round in the process. With UnitedKingdom kaidus returning to the Prem again this season, it will be interesting to see if Se7en can finally break free from their curse and win on Product.

Ascent.EU on the other hand encountered a surprising amount of resistance from England MONGI MODE in the previous week. While they were able to walk away with all six points it was much harder than anticipated. Still, with credu on Sniper, the team looks primed and zoomed in to challenge for at least three points from this evening’s fixture.

So, will Se7en manage to dethrone Finland amppis and his Kings of the Hill? Or will Finland credu do as credu does? Tune in tonight to teamfortresstv and find out.

Play-by-play: CeeJaey | Analysis: Beater | Production: Wiethoofd | Match Page | Finland Ascent.EU | UnitedKingdom Se7en | Written by Aelkyr

L’En Avant de Guingamp vs THE THEORISTS

Meanwhile, on teamfortresstv2, we also have a potentially thrilling game coming up involving two teams that seem evenly matched. It’s France l'En Avant de Guingamp versus European THE THEORISTS.

Week 1 was a tough introduction to Prem for EAG against reigning champions UnitedKingdom Se7en. While they showed good fighting spirit and competitive mettle, it takes more than belief to upset a team of Se7en’s calibre. And they will surely be eager to prove themselves against a more even opponent tonight.

THE THEORISTS’ first encounter with a French squad went fairly well. While the games were at times a little chaotic, they won Snakewater and Sunshine 6-2 and 3-1 respectively, and never going behind on either map. Tonight will be a test for them, facing players with Prem experience for the first time in a competitive fixture, and we’re psyched to see whether their teamplay, coordination and theorycrafting will prove to be in their favour against the newly-united Frenchies.

Will THE THEORISTS outsmart their opponents? Or will l’EAG Expertly Accomplish their Gameplan? Check into teamfortresstv2 to find out.

Play-by-play: Prawn | Analysis: DuMmTm | Production: gemm | Match Page | France l'En Avant de Guingamp | European THE THEORISTS | Written by Aelkyr

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