Scheduling Update: The first three Seasons of 2019

Date February 3, 2019

Provisional Schedules

We kind of forgot to do these posts in the past 4-5 months (whooops), but by popular demand we will be publishing the schedule for the next 6 months of ETF2L seasonal competitions regularly- assuming it does not slip our minds again…
Anyway, the schedule will likely look as follows:

Season 32

Main Season: 27th January – 15th March
Playoffs: 17th March – 7th April

Highlander Season 18

Signups: 22nd February – 8th March
Premiership Qualifiers: 1st – 8th March
Publishing of Final Divisions: 9th March
Main Season: 10th March – 12th April
Break for Copenhagen Games
Playoffs: 21st April – 12th May

Season 33

Signups: 10th – 24th May
Premiership Qualifiers: 17th – 24th May
Publishing of Final divisions: 25th May
Main Season: 26th May – 12th July
Playoffs: 14th July – 2nd August

Please note that these dates are provisional and a subject to change!

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  1. CeeJaey: (The MvM Guy) - Gaston - S-O said:

    Why is there such a huge overlap of s32 and s18? The Highlander season is only 5 weeks long, however 4 out of those 5 weeks cross over with the 6s season?

    We’ve always experienced some overlap if you participate in the playoffs of either gamemode, but the fact that week 1 of s18 HL is during the final week of the REGULAR season of s32 seems a bit much?

  2. Citrus said:

    Is this a joke? Imagine how much troubles will lack of delay between s32 and s18 couse? Thank you for having half of my roster being “sry i have 6s today” lol

  3. DCS: (Head Admin) - ist klever - Dr. med. said:

    We moved the HL Season up by a week due to Copenhagen Games. We didnt want to interrupt the main season for LAN.
    Keep in mind that not all divisons have 3 weeks of playoffs though… and the number of teams/players decreases drastically with every week that passes.
    Furthermore, there are 6v6 players – even teams – that do not participate in the HL season at all. So the number of players that actually have a 4 week overlap is quite small.

    But yeah, it is not ideal. Season 19 will be a week later again.

  4. STiNGHAN: LOTOS - inv said:

    will nations cup be delayed as well?

  5. STiNGHAN: LOTOS - inv said:

    I agree with those guys Btw

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