Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games &, Premiership Grand Finals: Se7en vs. Ascent.EU

Date December 2, 2018

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Se7en vs Ascent.EU

Season 31 was surely eventful, between the disappearance of two teams, the thrilling race for the last playoff spot and the overall non-stop action, and we have seen many upsets. But at the end of the day, it was the two big favourites who managed to push everyone out of their way to the final: European Se7en and Finland Ascent.EU. Tune in for a game that will either see the most dominant side of Europe celebrating their first trophy with this new roster, or Ascent managing to defeat them in an uphill battle.

The odds are not in Ascent’s favour right now. In their previous clashes against Se7en, they have looked most uncomfortable on unorthodox maps, losing Sunshine 4-1 and Product 3-1, and now that Se7en won the Upper Bracket Final, they get the first two picks. Ascent are obviously not out of it yet, and Finland amppis and his accomplices have especially shown their strength on Gullywash, taking it 5-0 against Faint, so should they withstand the initial Se7en assaults, they could hit back hard on the more classical maps. Se7en also tends to impose their tempo on the game, but any false note can escalate into a tactical tumble when so much is on the line.

Head to Teamfortress TV tonight at 2030 CET and join Ombrack, Beater and gemm for all the action, with DuMmTm and eepily on the analysis desk.

Play-by-Play: Ombrack | Analysis: Beater | Production: gemm | Analyst desk: DuMmTm | Analyst desk: eepily | Match Page | European Se7en | Finland Ascent.EU | Written by Aelkyr


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