Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games &, LBF: Ascent.EU vs. Faint Gaming EU

Date November 27, 2018

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Ascent.EU vs Faint Gaming

Finland Ascent.EU and European :ccc are crossing paths for the third and final team this season, and this time a spot in the Grand Final is on the line. Their previous encounter saw Faint put up a decent fight, but ultimately losing to Ascent’s aggression. Now, a do-or-die situation can bring out both the best and the worst in any team, so perhaps Faint will be able to match Ascent’s pace, or maybe the latter will get disorganised. Anything could happen.

Ascent was not able to replicate the relative success they found against European Se7en in the regular season, as they weren’t able to challenge them on the unorthodox Product. Gullywash was much closer however, ending in a golden cap. Finland amppis and associates usually have a much better showing on the ‘classical’ maps, so keep an eye out for that.

Meanwhile, Faint was looking to bounce back after their fourth consecutive defeat, and they were able to do so against Sweden Faint Gaming, proving that their week seven demise was most likely a fluke. Taking Process in a very convincing 6-2 scoreline and winning Granary after a golden cap surely has helped the confidence of the team.

So, will Faint show overcredulity over Ascent’s shenanigans? Or will Ascent overcome yet another opponent in their pursuit of glory? Tune into Teamfortress TV tonight and find out!

Play-by-Play: Ombrack | Analysis: Beater | Production: gemm | Match Page | Finland Ascent.EU | European :ccc | Written by France Aelkyr

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