ETF2L S31 Premiership playoffs: Se7en vs SVIFT EU, & Ascent.EU vs Faint Gaming

Date November 15, 2018

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Se7en vs SVIFT EU

To kick the playoffs off, it’s the old versus the new as the recently-formed Sweden Faint Gaming takes on the most successful team in ETF2L’s history, European Se7en.

While this might look like it will be a routine victory for Se7en, SVIFT EU have a knack for upsets, as their presence in the playoffs is already thanks to their last-minute triumph over third place European :ccc. SVIFT will be surely looking to keep the momentum going, and it would not be the first time that a fourth placed team is troubling the top seed, like in Season 28 where eventual champions SVIFT had to play 3 maps to get rid of France Top5rocket.

Se7en has not played any officials recently, but seeing how the last official between those two teams went, they are looking like strong favourites. While SVIFT had their moments, they ultimately could not deal with the coordination of Se7en and were also missing their clinical execution and Se7en looked in control for almost all of the match.

That was in week two however, and SVIFT are looking like a different team by now. Will they be able to keep their current velocity and squeeze by Se7en, or will the veterans knock them a peg and a bracket down?

Written by France Aelkyr.

Ascent.EU vs Faint Gaming

Next up, it’s last season’s Div 1 winners European :ccc vs Finland Ascent.EU.

S31’s been one to remember for Ascent.EU, whose towering lineup of established gamers saw out the regular season in style. Originally starting out as a revival of Sauna Slayers with Finland amppis at the head, the team’s lost just two maps to date: a close defeat to SVIFT on Granary, and a 4-1 loss to Se7en on Sunshine.

It’s been a slightly different story for Faint. Though Sweden alle et al began their first season together in the Prem with two successive victories, they then lost three on the trot against Se7en, SVIFT and their opponents tonight.

Will Ascent continue climbing through the rankings? Or will Faint deliver the bold performances we know their players are capable of?

Written by UnitedKingdom joe the brave.

Both of tonight’s games will be cast by Team Fortress TV, so head over to the site for play-by-play commentary, analysis, air-shots and more!

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