Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games & Week 6: Se7en vs. wer das liest ist doof

Date October 30, 2018

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Se7en vs. wer das liest ist doof

It’s a key moment in Germany War & Sons‘s season, as the not-so-Germans are facing off against the colossus that is UnitedKingdom Se7en.

Se7en, after drawing with rival Ascent.EU last week will be looking to bounce back in their last match of the regular season and need at least four points to finish on top of the table. Maybe even five, but this was written at 4 am so I can’t ask anyone who actually knows stuff. Regardless, Se7en will be looking to put last week match behind them, and mauling a mid-table side is a good way to do that.

So, is it already over for WDLID? I don’t think so. While they might not walk away with six points, managing to grab any point from this fixture would help them greatly in the playoff race. They are in a good run of form as well, beating SVIFT EU last week, a team that drew against the current top spot. It would not be the first time that Se7en is caught by surprise against a “weaker” side, as Ora Elektro managed to take them to a Golden Cap. With the addition of Dr. Phil, and the unpredictable nature of Prolands, an upset is not a far-fetched scenario.

So, will the good form of the doofus carry on or will Se7en crush them? Tune in to to find out!

Play-by-Play: Beater | Analysis: DuMmTm | Production: gemm | Match Page | UnitedKingdom Se7en | Germany War & Sons | Written by Aelkyr

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