Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games & Week 3: the fellowship vs wer das liest ist doof & Ora Elektro vs Se7en

Date October 11, 2018

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Tonight, two games take place in the ETF2L S31 Premiership tier.

To begin with, UnitedKingdom the fellowship takes on Germany wer das liest ist doof.

While the Germans will be hoping to improve upon the score of their last Product match, conceding the map 3-0 to Faint, they find themselves up against a formidable fellowship force. Russia Mr.Epic especially has a habit for Viaduct heroics, so keep an eye on the kill-feed for headshots. With that said, if he plays to his usual epic standards, they’ll be pretty hard to miss.

In the game after, Norway Ora Elektro comes up against European Se7en.

Domo once again fills in for UnitedKingdom kaidus on a Se7en side that continues to meet the high standards we expect of the team. Meanwhile, after losing both maps to Ascent last week, Ora will be hoping to turn their season around. Will they be able to begin a comeback tonight?

Be sure to head to for all the action, commentary, airshots and more.

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