Entries from June 2018

Season 30 by STN-Trading & scrap.tf Week 4: Se7en vs. SVIFT

Date June 20, 2018

Banner by Here we go folks, the battle between the current top teams of ETF2L’s Season 30 Premiership. Both Se7en and SVIFT are sitting pretty on top of the table with 6 wins each to their name as well as the 18 points as a result of it. Previous records suggests that Se7en might get […]

Highlander Season 15 – Wrap-up

Date June 15, 2018

Highlander Season 15 – Wrap-up The playoff games have ended and the winners have been crowned. The main season of Premiership was shown to be very promising and competitive, and in the end it was proven to witness the best players rise up and take the crown. We want to give big congratulations to as […]

Season 30 by STN-Trading & scrap.tf Week 3: SVIFT vs. the bin & Se7en vs. The Bus Crew & Ora Elektro vs. the bin BLACK

Date June 14, 2018

Banner by SVIFT vs. the bin After 2 relatively easy weeks for the Premiership top teams, it’s time to raise the level with an expected close match between the dominant teams that are SVIFT and the bin. Week 3 will also be the occasion to first witness an official game on cp_cardinal. A lot could […]

Highlander Season 15 Awards Show

Date June 8, 2018

Created by Pr0p3r Written by The Highlander Season 15 Awards Show With another great season of highlander behind us, it is time to see which players stood out among the rest on their respective classes. This season saw some intense matches, made possible by many amazing players, both new and old. The awards show will […]

Season 30 by STN-Trading & scrap.tf Week 2: Ascent.EU vs. SVIFT & Velocity eSports EU vs. TTD

Date June 7, 2018

Banner by Ascent.EU vs. SVIFT Ascent.EU and SVIFT are meeting each other yet again for the first time since the S28 Grand Finals. The two names have historically been dominant forces in the European scene and, in the past few seasons, both teams could be seen as top-contenders for Premiership 1st place. However, despite the names, […]