Highlander Season 15 Week 2 & Week 3 Double Header

Date April 8, 2018

Written by Germany Domaytoe

Prepare yourselves, your body, your soul, but most importantly your binds that use up all the rhetorical devices available to a third grader in order to be ready for our double-trouble game coverage tonight!

Week 3: Feila eSports vs. Lucrosa

First of all we have “+2 enthusiasts” UnitedKingdom Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS battling it out against recently LAN-proven team Iceland Lucrosa who have the pleasure of playing their Week 3 game before their Week 2 game. It has to be seen if this game will prove to be as paradox as the schedule.

Emerging from the depths of Russian strategy books our map tonight will be cp_steel, which has shown to be a battleground that can very likely and tenderly swing both ways. This is due to the fact that brainpower and good rotations prevail over raw and unpolished deathmatch abilities most of the time, which means we will ultimately see which one of these teams has the biggest brain! (or alternatively: the strongest flank, the combo that screws up the least and the best pick classes, …)

Having picked up a few (seven) new players compared to last season, Feila have only had one game so far to show their capabilities and have reigned superior against Russia WASP but did not manage to get the full six points from this fixture. Considering the tight skill gap between the teams this season, every point matters quite a lot in order to reach playoffs.

On the other side of the fixture we have Iceland Lucrosa, who have managed to already play two games in their third week. The results were mixed, as they have won 4-2 against TrinidadTobago Budget Toucans and tied against European opeen_squad #borninthewrongdiv in arguably very close (yet very throwable) games so far.

As their main scout Norway yahoo still seems to be on the late search for eggs and integrity just a week after Easter, it will be a new flank member stepping up to the fray not only for tonight but the rest of the season.

Week 2: Budget Toucans vs. WASP

The other game coming up tonight features none other than last season’s high winner and former prem participant TrinidadTobago Budget Toucans against Russian represent and veteran team Russia WASP. Both teams have had quite rough starts to the season, as in they did not win any game so far, each only taking two points.

The productively prospering prodigy that is koth_product and Ashville’s slightly emotionally unstable brother – koth_coalplant. Will Clarks amalgamation consisting of some of the best Russian speaking players gain momentum and claim important points or will the featherly friends flock over these maps?

Each of our two contestants are backed up by quite the stable roster, yet WASP were a bit more tested since they already had to face the favourites of this season – the pachydermic powerhouse that is European :elephant:. This grey eminence remains unbeaten at this point in time and the other five teams really need to step up their game as shorter seasons only allow for so much preparation and practice.

Join us tonight starting at 20:00 CET at KritzKast with Spain CeeJaey, Germany Domaytoe and England Georgebaii on the primary voice utilization devices and Netherlands Wiethoofd carrying the production and camera in the background to witness all the Highlander action and receive answers to your most existential questions in life!

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