Global Whitelist Test Cup Powered by! – Knockout fixtures released!

Date January 13, 2018

The fixtures for the Global Whitelist Test Cup knockout stage are now released! Remember to set your servers to the test whitelist before starting the game, the whitelist can be found here. To change the whitelist on a server running tftrue use the command rcon tftrue_whitelist_id competitive_6v6

The knockout stage will take place on Sunday the 14th of January. All knockout matches are single elimination, except for the grand final and third-place match, which will be played as a Best-of-three.

In case of a golden cap during the single elimination stage, the timelimit will be set to 10 minutes. The team holding mid will be the winner if neither team wins a round before the time runs out.

The brackets for top, mid and open can be seen within the playoffs tab in the menu.

As a reminder, here is the schedule for Sunday:

The aforementioned third-place match will only take place in the top group, as they will be batteling it out for our sponsored prizes.
Prizes for the top group will be provided by, as they have generously donated 24 keys and several killstreak kits for the top 3 teams of the top group in this cup!

Remember to provide any feedback regarding the upcoming season in the relevant forum thread.

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