Highlander Season 13 Awards Show with BlackOut TV!

Date October 3, 2017


Who will earn the title of ‘the very best’?

This season’s awards show will be broadcast on the 6th of October bringing you all of the juicy behind the scenes gossip, roster moves and most importantly, the rewards from the Highlander Season 13 Award Polls. Last year’s edition of the ceremony saw the Season 12 champions SDCK taking home the majority of the awards. Will Clark end up as Clark of the season once again? Or perhaps, will a certain Irishman take his place?

Bringing you the results on Friday will be none other than ETF2L’s own Germany DCS, together with Spain CeeJaey and Sweden Cronk as the hosts. Representing their own teams are Netherlands SandBurn from SDCKEngland proky from Feila and Israel princess dvs from CRAZYBWAII. Last but not least is the man behind production, England Jon, making it all possible. Tune in to BlackOut TV at 21:00 CEST (3PM EDT) on Friday for the crowning and much more!


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  2. Edgyneer said:

    Anyone who didn’t vote for sek to be the Engineer of the season are absolute morons. Seriously you guys are actually down syndrome, it’s pretty scary.