Reversed Maps Cup update, and more news to come!

Date August 13, 2017


This is a reminder post for today’s Reversed Maps Cup knockout stage explaining how the matches will be played out, and an explanation to give an insight on the teams chosen for the knockout stage.

The Knockout Tree for the single elimination stage can be found here, with fixtures alone here.

Sunday 13th of August:

Round 1: 18:00
Round 2: 19:00
Quarter Finals: 19:50
Semi Finals: 20:40
Grand Finals: 21:30

During the knockout stage, golden caps are to be played on cp_yranarg and cp_sdnaldab. cp_tiplevarg is to be BO1, if teams are unable to decide on what side to start, then teams must play a heavy fist fight in order to come to a final compromise. The playoffs will be bo1 with each team getting one map ban.

Also, further explanation towards why some teams might not appear in knockout stage that otherwise should be due to points in the group stage tables, we would want to mention that we initially weren’t expecting a flaw with our league table scoring for this cup, as ETF2L has not had map draws, so that both teams would get only a single point from a map, as an option for many years now but we accepted it as a possibility for all maps in this cup. However, this became an issue with cp_tiplevarg as commonly with maps that are normally in stopwatch played as BO3 we have two maps selected for it to allow teams to have a golden cap to settle the score.

This was not the case in this cup which allowed teams to put a 3-3 score draw for both teams which should have been a 1-1 score draw. Because of that we admins have handpicked the appropriate teams that have earned their place in the knockout stage and let them advance towards.

Lastly we would also want to mention to be able to run a proper single elimination setting we have chosen teams with second seed in their group to need to play their matches in Round 1 matches earlier than expected before the Round 2 matches, these matches will need to be played before the Result deadlines said on the match pages for each fixture, otherwise matches will be coinflipped if no result has been submitted by teams.

We will add in more news about the results of the 1v1 MGE Cup poll later on after this news post.

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