Prolands Cup Fixtures released, to cast cup matches

Date August 5, 2017


Update: Teams may use cp_prolands_b2a for Saturday’s group stage matches if both teams agree to it, otherwise cp_prolands_b2 will be played. For Sunday’s knockout stage all matches must be played on cp_prolands_b2a.

The fixtures for the Prolands Cup powered by are now released and can be seen here along with the groups.

The knockout section of the cup will vary slightly between tiers.

The Top Bracket groups will have all teams advance from the group stage in a full bracket with the group being used to determine seeding. Knockout stage matches will be played on Sunday 6th. There will also be a third place match needed to play for this bracket.

For High, Mid and Open each group consists of 4 teams with the top two teams advancing to playoffs. Knockout stage matches will be played on Sunday 6th. There will not be a third place match played for any of these brackets.

Due to shortage in teams to create more brackets, we have added in teams that signed up first to the cup to take place in the cup as of now. If any of the currently added teams decide to drop out of the competition, we will add in a team from the waiting list to the cup. This applies only before Saturday 5th 18:30 CEST.

Casting done by

Coverage for the Top Bracket of this cup will also be done by tonight starting from 19:00 CEST at their Twitch stream ( with Denmark Beater and Scotland nuze both on the mic and England gemm on the camera!


  1. 30.06 said:

    Beater and Beater, fair enough

  2. Polarium: V.I said:

    good to see that beater cloned himself #proud

  3. Bloodis: (Head Admin) - (´・ω・`) - Leila+8 said:

    Don’t worry, nuze stepped in to prevent Beater from copying Bren casting with Bren.

    That or I should proofread posts that I write up in 10 minutes

  4. YYYEBOK: Dayn said:

    where i can get my premium servers???