S27 UBF: Se7en vs Lowpander

Date July 16, 2017


The opening games of the playoffs of this season of ETF2L have given us two teams to go head-to-head for an immediate place in the Grand Final. The first is European Se7en, the powerhouse of EU with a season win-streak of 6, stretching all the way back to 2015. With UnitedKingdom kaidus reintroduced to the roster, they’ve looked pretty much unassailable all season save for a one-map upset at the hands of Unexpected, who aren’t in these playoffs. The challenger is European Politically correct pander, a team who improved on last season’s placing to reach the top 4 thanks to the introduction of Wales Funs and Ireland Crayon to a roster filled with very experienced talent, most notably the monster pocket Latvia uubers, who drops above 10k dpm most maps. This could be as tight a test as Se7en get this season, so be sure not to miss it on tonight’s stream.

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