Season 27 Premiership Upper Bracket Round 1: LEGO vs Se7en

Date July 12, 2017


On their seamless transition back to the top of ETF2L prem, Denmark LEGO have drawn European Se7en in the first round of playoffs. LEGO experienced some pretty rocky results vs the other top teams towards the end of the season, and the whipping they recieved at the hands of Se7en in week 4 spell trouble for the supposedly Danish team.

However, the European juggernauts that are their opponents displayed an uncharacteristic show of weakness versus Slovakia adysky‘s unexpectedly strong squad, dropping the ball on Granary with a 5-4 defeat. Can this be the confidence booster LEGO needs?

Can France dmoule and co. stay in the upper bracket against the odds? Or will Se7en power through on their way to another prem title? Find out live at:

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