Entries from June 2017

Highlander Nations Cup #5 Finland vs. Netherlands @ 21:00 CEST

Date June 25, 2017

The last week of the group stage is upon us! As the sun sets for last possible day to schedule an official in the fifth Highlander Nations Cup, BlackOut TV will be covering the thrilling clash between two teams with rosters filled with both skill and prestige. The two maps are koth_product_rc8 and cp_gullywash_final1, undoubtedly a varied and […]

Highlander Nations Cup #5 Super Saturday

Date June 24, 2017

Prepare yourself for a Saturday worthy of the title Super Saturday! Round three in the Highlander Nations Cup will have a total of six games played this very evening! Due to limitations in the sheer amount of broadcasters and casters available however, each and every game will sadly not be covered. Instead, one game of week […]

Highlander S13 Preseason Cup

Date June 14, 2017

Update: Fun teams should now be able to signup. With the Highlander Nations Cup underway, lets start the preparation for Season 13! This cup will focus around testing the updated version of cp_alloy_rc2a with the cup consisting of groups of 4 teams playing each other in BO2 games. We are using a shorter schedule cup due to […]

ETF2L S27 Premiership Week 3: Arctic Foxes vs Lowpander

Date June 11, 2017

Written by  We’ve got fox on panda action tonight on TFTV! bounced back from their week 1 spanking by with a convincing roll of unexpected last week. Similarly, after throwing away their first 6 points of the season in a tantrum over server hosting, came back to surprise everyone with a victory over , prompting […]

Highlander Nations Cup #5 Sweden vs. Germany @ 21:15 CEST

Date June 10, 2017

The first clash in Group One is around the corner! This saturday, the two giants, and will face off in a Bo3 on Upward. Joining us on BlackOut TV are none other than  and providing us with the commentary, alongside experienced producer  behind the camera.   ‘s captain, , has managed to convince a majority of the old […]